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The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline.

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We have tried pinging InMotion Hosting website using our server and the website returned the above results. If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress...

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Having Problems with Accessing
Cristian Von Der Heyde · 21 November 2015 - 19:58
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

"Currently we are in the process of fixing an emergency situation in our West Coast Data Center that caused some our servers to go down suddenly." :( $$$

Mowgly Khan · 30 September 2015 - 16:44
· · Chrome 45.0 on Mac

Inmotion Hosting and all my sites down right now ... again :/

Michael Reno · 22 August 2014 - 16:28
United States · Cox Communications · Chrome 36.0 on Windows

Down for me as well. No email and can't access my site. Hope its fixed soon. Downtime is costly.

Grant Campanelli · 22 August 2014 - 16:18
United States · Cox Communications · Safari 8.0 on Mac

Server has been down for a few minutes now.

Fred Myers · 9 May 2014 - 07:04
United States · Comcast Business Communications

InMotionHosting "West Network Status" is currently "Problem" and they are working on it. See

Jan Burton · 9 May 2014 - 06:54
United States · Comcast Cable

Inmotion hosting is currently down.

Butthead's Tobacco Emporium - Danbury · 9 May 2014 - 06:06
United States · Comcast Business Communications

Inmotion is down

Sajan Ghotane · 10 April 2014 - 04:32
Nepal · Nepal

becoz of u my business in down !!!

Simon Green · 2 April 2014 - 03:20
Belgium · Belgacom Skynet

We have been testing the InMotion services for some months because our companies in the U.S. were considering migrating over. We created a couple of test Reseller accounts but the service was a disaster. We could not recommend them because their service is not suitable for businesses looking for a professional hosting company.

Dennis L. Duenas · 28 February 2014 - 18:50
United States · Montana Internet Corporation

InMotion seems to be down now. No inmotion website, none of my clients have hosting nor do I have hosting.

Tom R. Waters · 25 February 2014 - 06:31
United States · Verizon FiOS

Not receiving email and can not even get to the log in page

Carrie Munson Adorna · 20 February 2014 - 19:17
United States · Suddenlink Communications

my email is down

Todd Sullivan · 5 February 2014 - 10:47
Canada · Bell Canada

email down now? can't logon... again!!!

Steve Kro · 30 January 2014 - 18:06
United States · Time Warner Cable

Is anyone having email issues - as in being delivered and received on a Shared Host account. I'm on Server ecbiz137 and it's really throwing me for a loop. Back and forth with tech support for the past 3 days and they finally admit it's something than an MX entry or the other 10 domains we are having issues with....

I've been using shared inMotion for years - and I brought it to my new company and now I'm looking bad- and probably going to go with a VPS to avoid this.. But I don't know if it's gonna be with inMotion

Pati Rader · 20 November 2013 - 15:38
United States · Comcast Cable

No email through inmotion account all day... told they are having a server issue working on it no anticipated time of resolve... very frustrating to say the least! never had these issues with networksolutions

Moto Madness · 6 November 2013 - 21:04
United States · Verizon FiOS

Damit down again

Shaun Lowery · 6 November 2013 - 20:57
United States · MTA Solutions

Down again tonight? Two days in a row? It's been almost an hour and still counting.

Shaun Lowery · 6 November 2013 - 01:08
United States · MTA Solutions

These guys used to be pretty awesome; I recommended them to everyone. After being away for six months, I create a new site and it takes over an hour of hold music just to activate the site. Now, after only three days, IMH is down? Was there a change in management? Did they outsource? What the heck is going on?

Brian Wendt · 4 November 2013 - 21:08
United States · Cox Communications

I second Blair's comments

Blair Kingsland · 4 November 2013 - 20:54
Canada · TekSavvy Solutions

Nov. 4 -- My site is down. IH site is down. IH phone message says a server is down.

MaryAnne Welch · 30 October 2013 - 20:43
United States · Vector Internet Services

our site has been down more than up for a week now. Service desk is no help at all, seem to be reading from a script. Will be leaving this service in a matter of days

Mike Owens · 25 October 2013 - 20:55
United States · Comcast Cable

Down for me!!! The first time I've noticed it down and I've had it for two years!!!

Uahac S. Florida · 4 September 2013 - 21:09
United States · AT&T U-verse

It took several email and hours of chat to get them to migrate 3 sites to a vps server. I felt like I was dealing with the 3 stooges. I don;t know how they got a 3/3 rating from Cnet and and many accolades. My entire experience has been 2 of 5 tech support people are either incompetent or just don't care. What a waste of time. When they didn;t feel like dealing with a ticket they just closed it. I found myself requesting the same things 5 to 10 times. Unacceptable!!!

Uahac S. Florida · 20 August 2013 - 12:13
United States · Comcast Business Communications

They were hit with a DDos attack. They are down!

It took several email and hours of chat to get them to migrate 3 sites to a vps server. I felt like I was dealing with the 3 stooges. I don;t know how they got a 3/3 rating from Cnet and and many accolades. My entire experience has been 2 of 5 tech support people are either incompetent or just don't care. What a waste of time. When they didn;t feel like dealing with a ticket they just closed it. I found myself requesting the same things 5 to 10 times. Unacceptable!!!!

Rick Ramsey · 18 August 2013 - 17:11
United States · Verizon FiOS

I can't access my website. Is InMotion down?

Guylaine Nadeau Madden · 13 August 2013 - 10:26
Nicaragua · Telgua

I cant' access my site or WP panel... Anyone knows what's going on?

Mike Kuta · 23 July 2013 - 14:31
United States · Comcast Cable

Cant access my website or cpanel. Down

Michele Roper · 16 May 2013 - 10:31

Problems with east coast server down for me

Ariel Porchera · 25 April 2013 - 12:43

Its down now April 25 for now, at least an hour.

Jeanne Roitman · 11 April 2013 - 10:28

impossibly long log in times to cpanel and for SQL databases. 10 minutes just to login.

Nathan Cato · 18 March 2013 - 04:23

Actually, it is still down for me - their main site is up again though

Vadiraj Joish · 18 March 2013 - 04:08

Its down for me as well.

Clifford Belleza · 18 March 2013 - 03:45

down for me also

Dave Butterfield · 28 January 2013 - 10:50

Is down for me - costing me $$$ - crappers

Jerry Tunin · 20 November 2012 - 13:37

Server is offline.

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