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Tom Roupp · 10 August 2014 - 14:21
United States · PenTeleData · Chrome 36.0 on Windows

Nice timing there Steam. :( just glad this only happens on occasion. wish it didn't happen at all. -.-

Angel Olivares Duque · 10 August 2014 - 14:00
United States · Comcast Cable · Firefox 34.0 on Windows is UP and reachable.
The website is probably down just for you...

#Fail #Bruh

Andrew Pike · 9 August 2014 - 20:26
United States · Comcast Cable · Firefox 31.0 on Windows

For those who are wondering steam is having a connectivity problem it isn't down but it takes awhile to get to anything in Steam

Cedric Porter · 24 July 2014 - 09:28
United States · Comcast Cable · Firefox 31.0 on Windows

When is steam not down. >:C Always down, can't even play a game or talk to friends with out it going down on you.

Jeffrey W. Sosebee · 23 July 2014 - 23:24
United States · The Tri-County Telephone Association · Chrome 36.0 on Windows

What the crap is this -401 error BS?! And why am I signing out when I try to add content to my Steam profile?

Ewan Ko Nga Lang · 18 July 2014 - 10:11
Philippines · Philippine Long Distance Telephone · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

"Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.207303c7.1405703435.1fb07f9d"

anyone else having this issue?

Mark Paul Morales · 16 July 2014 - 19:30
Philippines · Philippine Long Distance Telephone · Chrome 36.0 on Windows

dota2 update during while game is going on. and i'm abbandoned and my will be reported again pls do soimething about this cause we have slow connection so i cant update easily pls do something about this my acoount name mrPresident .

Joe Anthony Colascione · 15 July 2014 - 19:07
United States · Optimum Online · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Reasons steam might be having issues, well because theirs a storm brewing right now and it might affect people in the east because i'm having this insane storm witch huge ass bolts of lightining ok wel this isn't minecraft but you get the picture and the rain is coming down so hard it looks like hail like dah fuk?

Phil The Thrill Wiltzius · 15 July 2014 - 18:41
United States · Comcast Cable · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Steam isn't working for me either. They usually do server downtime at 4pm PST but this has gone way past their normal down time.

Tamie Day · 15 July 2014 - 16:08
United States · CenturyLink · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

whoa wait a minute, denied access, for what reason? Seriously, that's just odd. I was in the middle of installing an update.

Safik Al Munawar · 3 July 2014 - 06:57
Indonesia · FASTNET · Firefox 30.0 on Windows

my steam cant update. im tryin to uninstall steam and install it again, but steam request online network and my network is okay. please somebody help me out. thanks

Jared Snellings · 1 July 2014 - 03:24
United States · CenturyLink · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

"Steam is having problems connecting to Steam servers"

this message comes up everytime I try to log in. I need help please.

Jeffrey W. Sosebee · 29 June 2014 - 06:48
United States · The Tri-County Telephone Association · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

I can't search the Community Market without it FREEZING up, or telling me there's an error? I've done rebooted the router and restarted Steam several times.

Sean Cameron · 21 June 2014 - 13:47
United States · NRTC · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Steam is down!... Again!! During a sale too!! I was just about to buy the keys for my TF2 crates then POOF! No more community!

Gabby Turner · 12 June 2014 - 10:43
United States · Comcast Cable · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Yep, down for me. Guess it's not an IP error. It gave me that 503 error, but when I refreshed the page, it worked. But now it's down, can't get back on. Just about to mod Skyrim, too.

Erin Q Shaw · 12 June 2014 - 09:43
United States · Comcast Cable · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Everything was working fine yesterday but now it's saying that the community server is down, and I keep receiving a 503 error when trying to access the workshop. For me it's only in the workshop. Everything else, even the store works properly.

Oskar Svensson · 6 June 2014 - 01:28
Sweden · SavMAN AB · Firefox 30.0 on Windows

The entire Steam service with the exception of the Library and chat groups are inaccesible for me, this includes the News section, Steamcommunity (including my activity feed and inventory) as well as, and
Just gives me error code 118 or a message that the server is likely down (though only seems to be isolated to me? I still get notifications about comments and new items in my inventory and Steam is apparently "online").
Has been this way for 24 hours now, a bit irritating as I have literally no way to contact Valve or Steam Support about this due to not being able to access any of their sites, though strangely enough I can still download games through the service as normal.

Johnny Sangvik Hauge · 5 June 2014 - 07:52
Norway · LOS Bynett · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

its half-down atm Norway It takes ages to load a site in the community, and all that shows is just a plain white site with plain text. No pop-ups or trades are working

Landen Johnson · 4 June 2014 - 16:18
United States · Windstream Communications · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

For some reason its down for me it says cannot connect to steam network start in offline mode? Whats wrong with it?

Terry Holland · 27 May 2014 - 16:42
Finland · Elisa Oyj · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

Finished gaming and was going to upload some screenshots and it failed. Then window popped up asking if want to relog cause of update bringing the stream feature for everyone. Tried to login after the update 4x times and no luck.

This page show's that server would be online..weird. As all other net activity fworks for me.. Facebook, Web browser and Amdg gaming evolved desktop client for example. So why can't i login to Steam account atm. :o :/

Sam Peterson · 20 May 2014 - 17:07
United States · Fairpoint Communications · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

anyone else play shogun 2? the servers seem to be down for that game. can't load any new or old multiplayer sessions

Alan Burgess · 17 May 2014 - 02:50
United Kingdom · BT · Chrome 33.0 on Windows

Is steam down for anyone else? I am cant connect to steam... oh never mind, it is working again now... weird?!?

Ashe Lee · 10 May 2014 - 10:34
Canada · Bell Canada

Can't do any trading or accept trade offers, let alone trade offer window without it going see through and crashing.

Marcus Carsner · 7 May 2014 - 10:29
United States · Comcast Cable

steam is down right now cant access anything but my friends list and cant read comments on community through steam.

Gordan Freeman · 6 May 2014 - 16:43
United States · Comcast Cable

at least i can respect valve by not saying f#!k valve they have to do this to ban people on a waiting list and check for hackers keeping your community safe *smartasses

Mr-Daniel Keelan · 3 May 2014 - 09:32
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

is anybody else having trouble logging into dark souls 2 servers? i have not been able to now for 2 days.. has FAT BOY not sorted the ddos attack out on steam yet?

Ozgun Whsprshadow · 3 May 2014 - 08:26
United States · Leaseweb USA

Well, its getting ridiculous. For me, the suffering has lasted for 3 days. It has turned into normal yesterday night but for half an hour, broken once again. while you can have DotA 2 matches, you are not able to make trades vice versa. Once i had a few trade attempts and the dealer agreed, Steam comm. did not let me display my own inventory either. Idk if all this stems from attacks targeting the Steam servers but this is getting really painful.

Evan Morice · 3 May 2014 - 07:11
United States · Lafayette Consolidated Government

ahh steam is still down im done I deleted steam but it wont let me download it again plz help steam ppl I will go cry in a closet now

Jeffrey W. Sosebee · 2 May 2014 - 21:19
United States · The Tri-County Telephone Association

Steam back up. But if it asks me for my password after I have told it "Remember Me" on this computer one more time...

Evarin Sharath'fe · 2 May 2014 - 20:49
United States · Comcast Cable

Down for 1 hour and 50 minutes according to the website. I wonder why some of us are still left behind.

Shaun Surplus · 2 May 2014 - 20:26
Australia · iiNet Limited

With the cash they have, you'd think they'd have staff near by ready for this. You'd also think that they would be on security issues like a stink on sh*t! Unreal. This is why Steam sux a*se. Because it ties you to the internet. Unfortunately, we are forced into it. Communist bullsh*t.

Carlos Velasquez · 2 May 2014 - 20:21
United States · CenturyLink

whoever hacks steam on a friday night... or any time at all should be punched in the face my hitler, then satan, then punched in the balls by the hulk :P

Jane Taylor Serkovich · 2 May 2014 - 20:19
United States · Optimum Online

Plot Twist : Steam Employees are asleep and unaware of the crash & all have the weekend off ... ohh boy lol

John Cherniak · 2 May 2014 - 20:18
United States · Fuse Internet Access

Also telling my friend that steam is down, but getting laughed at since his apparently isn't down -_- wtf

Erik Dang · 2 May 2014 - 20:17
United States · Time Warner Cable

Classic Steam. Either this is an unannounced maintenance, or they just got DDoS'd by some punk hacker.

Nake Sekulov · 2 May 2014 - 20:16
Macedonia · TRD Net Kabel

when steam stoped working today i go to see my parents in the other room and start to talk with them they seems to be very nice people diddnt notice that :P

Circle Squared · 2 May 2014 - 20:13
United States · Muscatine Power and Water

I called my friend and told him steam was down. All I heard was his phone hitting the ground followed by a sound that could be comparable to a howler monkey being raped by a jackalope while having its manhood shoved in a blender.

Ej Riegel · 2 May 2014 - 20:11
United States · Cox Communications

Well i guess i have some free time to snort a line and run around naked in the front lawn until it comes back up.

Robby Wayne Conover · 2 May 2014 - 20:11
United States · Fuse Internet Access

Steam IS NOT back up.

Guys, As I have already said, this was unplanned and probably won't be fixed until tomorrow. Most of the staff at valve are asleep as most of them are in Eastern time zone. Wait until tomorrow, and it'll be back up.

Steam went down after a guy known as "RickMyDick" started hacking groups on steam and spamming all over the community. He then DDosed the network.

As I said, wait until tomorrow. Goodnight

Johnny Hetland II · 2 May 2014 - 20:11
United States · Time Warner Cable

This is why I really only like to play from a disk. None of this network crap. Guess I'll play some old games.

Rk · 2 May 2014 - 20:10
Philippines · Philippine Long Distance Telephone

lol, i thought my boss disabled my connection to steam coz all i do in work is play dota 2 haha. so, maintenance was the problem.

Joey Grixti Jr · 2 May 2014 - 20:08
Canada · Rogers Cable

hmmm something isn't feeling right about this... Normally they would announce a maintenance. Probably hackers.

Helene Duenas · 2 May 2014 - 20:01
Philippines · Globe Telecom

Scheduled maintenance happen on Tuesdays. If it's down on another day it means something unplanned happened like server overload or a vulnerability needs patching ASAP.

This is Valve's fault, obviously, but stop complaining like Valve intentionally planned this downtime on a Friday night.

Robby Wayne Conover · 2 May 2014 - 19:59
United States · Fuse Internet Access

Seems like it went down when this guy named "RickMyDick" hacked a few steam groups and DDosed steams network. It should be fixed soon.

Robin Olsson · 2 May 2014 - 19:58
Sweden · Bahnhof Internet AB

1 hour? srsly, steam is down everywhere .. fix this "maintenance" and also don't do it on a friday... D: why not on monday???

Cletus Cletus · 2 May 2014 - 19:58
United States · AT&T U-verse

I had just finished rolling noobs, forced em into RQ and began adding them in order to further trolling. One kid threatened he was copy pasting everything and reporting to valve, I'm thinkin no way tard you dont have my friend ID and proceed trolling while upping vulgarity and racism.

And then I was logged out of steam and unable to connect. Dun dun dun....

Wade Fox · 2 May 2014 - 19:57
United States · Time Warner Cable

Down for what? Not like they will ever do anything about the hackers in Ghosts. Want a refund... Start doing SOMETHING!!! In the meantime, thanks, maybe I can get some work done.

Natalli Kosenkova · 2 May 2014 - 19:57
United States · Comcast Cable

This shit is f#!king stupid! Steam goes down and I can't even play my f#!king games! What's the point of buying games through steam if I can't even play before I gotta go to work!?! I gotta work all weekend long.

Richard Lopez · 2 May 2014 - 19:56
Philippines · Bayan Telecommunications Incorporated

guess i will just try this thing called "Sleep" and "going outside"
its been an hour steam.. fix it please.. im dying here

Craig Tilyard · 2 May 2014 - 19:53
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

I had just got into my helicopter after a briefing with patrol ops on Arma 3... When I had taken off with a full crew i dc'd and I guess none of us crashed. I was kinda worried it was just me but I'm glad I can't be blamed now :]

Tina Bartlett Krol · 2 May 2014 - 19:52
United States · Time Warner Cable

I looked outside and wait wait something familiar is there it is the moon. has it been so long. I barely recognize you little glowing monn

Jakob Rasmussen · 2 May 2014 - 19:51
United States · The Tri-County Telephone Association

Just wanted to add: don't do this on a f#!king friday night/saturday morning!! People are playing these hours... Chouldn't it wait for... I dunno, monday? :D

Kevin Jones Jr. · 2 May 2014 - 19:51
United States · AT&T U-verse

hmm, i dont think this is maintenance. I was just at GameStop and the guy said he was unable to get me the code for my digital Steam card. I was lucky he still had the scratcher one. But I could be wrong...

Jack Matthews · 2 May 2014 - 19:50
New Zealand · Telecom New Zealand

C'mon steam! I was playing Rust! Now I'm sleeping in the middle of a field and I can't save myself! Goddamn

Baldemir Frosthearh · 2 May 2014 - 19:50
New Zealand · Telecom New Zealand

I'm excepting free tf2 hats and guns, free dota 2 stuff, 90% discount on all games no exception, and a survivor of the crashdown archivement for everyione (worth 500 points) and more!

Tobbe Shreddern Nilsson · 2 May 2014 - 19:49
Sweden · TeliaSonera AB

looooool, i just wanted to download CoD Ghosts over night, I'll barely have any time to play tomorrow with my slow download speed :x

Kena Dawn Augustine · 2 May 2014 - 19:44
United States · Comcast Cable

I am so mad! I've had a bad day, and the thought of killing zombies on Dead Island Riptide sounds so awesome right now. A great stress reliever! And wanted to play CoOp. Pleeeeeassse put it back on now. I have faith, but hop;e it didn't get hacked.

Robert Knox · 2 May 2014 - 19:42
United States · Bright House Networks

I only get to play 1 day a week, guess what day that is? I will give you a hint, FRIDAY. Please get this shit fixed ASAP!

Jeremy Ogorman · 2 May 2014 - 19:42
United States · PenTeleData

Finally go sell my PS3 to gamestop get some steam wallet cash and then buy 7 days to die. figured steam was a good idea why buy from anywhere else and the minute i start downloading it dies on me... the irony in this. PA USA

Kara Lynn Herman · 2 May 2014 - 19:42
United States · Charter Communications

I think it was just the cherry on top of the non-existent cake that I was playing rust and I'm now lying in the middle of the road by some rad bears. Ahh, gotta love steam maintenance's.

Todd B. Aubin · 2 May 2014 - 19:41
United States ·

hey you guys complaining about maintainence... its always 4pm Pacific, 7pm EST. They do that because they don't want to bother Europe, which is where most of their player base is. Seriously, in the states we are like 1/3 of their business. Source: Steam. Either way, this is beyond maintainence time, which normally takes 10-30 minutes. This is a major hose jerk.

Dominic Wepa · 2 May 2014 - 19:40
New Zealand · Telecom New Zealand

I love steam they let me on games even if its down for the world. Its funny because i pay 100$ a year for this. I love not have to have it be down for me. My INTERNET is the best like apples. Magikarp is my best steam pokemon and it beats mewtwo. STEAM WE LOVE YOU. Even if people say bad thing they mean they love you.

~Love Magikarp :)

Michelle Lopez · 2 May 2014 - 19:40
United States · Telscape Communications

Steam isn't off for me but about 100 of my friends just went offline. Everyone who is online to me says that it's a international error that we avoided.

Jao Jun Padilla · 2 May 2014 - 19:39
Canada · Yesup Ecommerce Solutions

Having some issues with Steam logging in. Apparently offline mode is what is available. A nice notice would be nice and letting us know when available. I checked our connection and it was fine then this just jumps down to the steam client being the one with issues.

Amanda Millard · 2 May 2014 - 19:39
United States · Comcast Cable

damn... if it's down long enough i wont mind that 30 minute competitive cooldown penalty im gonna get in csgo for leaving match.

Grouchy Panda · 2 May 2014 - 19:38
United States · Time Warner Cable

Steam is down, this is the greatest tragedy to hit our Nation and the World since WW2. Please pray for the millions of gamers across the world with down time. Sending my thoughts and prayers to all the poor connections.

Gary Yung · 2 May 2014 - 19:37
United States · WideOpenWest

I don't work 40 hrs a week for this to happen. I expect to be able to play CS GO in my free time. Steam, why now??? just WHY???

Ben Abeyta · 2 May 2014 - 19:33
United States · Venture Communications Cooperative

Steam is down, of course it's not the best thing anyone could hope for. I hope it's fixed soon and that they figure out when the ok times are for scheduled maintenance and when the really bad times are.

Cyrus Sepehr · 2 May 2014 - 19:28
Canada · Shaw Communications

not working in vancouver, BC, almost finished my download of bioshock infinite, then it stops all of a sudden and even deleted my progress on the download... F*cking steam.

Chloe Alexandra Collazo · 2 May 2014 - 19:27
United States · Time Warner Cable

Trying to connect, won't even to attempt to connect. Just goes to the connection error pop-up. Seriously, it's a Friday night and this is happening? D: This sucks

Nicholas Cage Bishop · 2 May 2014 - 19:23
United States · Comcast Cable

Ooooh, so that's what the huge connection lag spike in my CS: GO competitive match was! DAMN YOU GABEN!

Earl McDaniel · 2 May 2014 - 19:21
United States · AT&T U-verse

Damn you Steam! Who the hell schedules a maintenance downtime during prime time US gaming hours? Kill the monkey in charge with a rotting banana!

Jared Lund · 2 May 2014 - 19:17
United States · SureWest Kansas Operations

Wasn't working one second but now it appears to be back up and running just fine, I can play all my games, CS GO, Dota 2, and Rust. Thanks Valve for the timely repair. +1

Chris Montecino · 2 May 2014 - 19:15
United States · Bright House Networks

Thats bull shit i just downloaded DKS 2 and cant play it because of shitty ass steam not downloading the patch

Kara Lynn Herman · 2 May 2014 - 19:15
United States · Charter Communications

Welp, nothing like playing with friends one minute and getting kicked out of a game next because steam is down. #thanksvalve

Faizzi Lokman · 2 May 2014 - 06:13
Australia · Vodafone Australia

rilex guys, its just 9.10am now in wa.. gabe and his boys are probably not wake up yet.. lets wait until they finish eating their donuts before they repair the server.

Dylan Herring · 1 May 2014 - 15:36
United States · Comcast Cable

steam and origin were attacked via internet and have been shut down by these people, who knows when it will be back

West Bronks · 1 May 2014 - 11:18
Bulgaria · Comnet Bulgaria Holding.

Well this is gettin really fun! Already passed the stage of beeing angry and confused. Now I'm just crazily laughing!

Christopher Luther · 29 April 2014 - 17:44
United States · Cox Communications

Steam is down. Probably a late maintenance cycle (usually it's Tuesdays at 4 PM PST).

Edit (+2mins) : Now it's up. Like I said, just maintenance.

Gabriel Bhering · 29 April 2014 - 08:11
Brazil · Ajato Telecomunicacaoa

I can't download the installer or visit the community through the website. It's running like this for a week now and i've checked it out in other computers.. =/

Evan Dollarhide · 25 April 2014 - 15:04
United States · Charter Communications

My Steam account has not let me in no matter what method of I've tried, in three days as of the 22nd of April. Have tried four times a day.

Jason Triggs · 23 April 2014 - 14:27
Canada · Bell Canada

This is bonkers. For well over a month now, Steam Store & Community are down. Steam Support was very little help. In fact, Support had me delete all but a couple folders in the Steam folder so that it could redownload everything.

Didn't help at all.

I'm sure they know what the problem is, but refuse to acknowledge the issue publicly.

Tyler Trant · 21 April 2014 - 17:06
United States · Comcast Cable

Im unable to play any online games, cant get on steam, and cant play any games that aren't even involved with steam, but I can still use the internet. can anyone help

Simen Terp · 21 April 2014 - 05:15
Norway · Get AS

An unexpected error has occurred. Your purchase has not been completed.
Please contact Steam Support.

What the heck, the store is always down. Im getting tired of this, the other users are getting tired of it. Time to try solve the problem?

Rick Lamm · 20 April 2014 - 21:17
United States · Suddenlink Communications

Going through my web browser, Steam takes forever to load - even giving errors from Chrome saying the page is currently unavailable. Through the client, I get error -113, but support has nothing listed for that error.

Patrick William · 19 April 2014 - 07:06
United States · Comcast Cable

What's really aggravating is Steam blames my computer: "It appears that you are not currently connected to the internet or that your internet connection is not configured correctly for Steam..." What BS.

Riley Anderson · 14 April 2014 - 10:26
United States · Comcast Cable

Down again. Noticed significantly slower speeds, then it died. Probably too many games being downloaded for Valve's servers to handle. They really need to upgrade.

Yang Weng · 4 April 2014 - 17:21
United States · Comcast Cable

Steam Store and Community are down for me for the last hour. I can ping them but cannot reach them in Firefox. "IsItDown" reports all is well - oddly.

Adz Don · 30 March 2014 - 06:33
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

It's been 3 weeks now, i can't login on steam, it's keep saying "Steam Servers are down!" or "Connection Timed out" My connection is perfectly fine i never had problem with my router, Steam are going beyond the limit. It's pissing me off

Adam Ritter · 28 March 2014 - 20:05
United States · Comcast Cable

Steam store currently is not working. My internet connection is fine but all attempts to get on the store fail. I love how this freaking site always reports something is up even when it is down. I mean seriously your site sucks.

West Bronks · 26 March 2014 - 21:51
Bulgaria · Comnet Bulgaria Holding.

Steam servers are constantly down for the past week: Steam Error 101, Steam Error 118 Etc. I can't Acces my profile page - those steam error constantly appear every f#!king 5-10 minutes. Trading is nearly impossible, Accessing my profile options is nearly impossible. The only page that will surelly open is The Library page. Fix this soon !!! After the winter sale where now every f#cking weekend we eprerience trading probllems like errors and buggs this is way too much way too much. If not for the thousands of users please do fix it for yourself!! I repeat fix it because using steam for this past week is nearly impossible!!!

Nacho Huet · 26 March 2014 - 16:29
Spain · Telefonica de Espana

We're a group of 50 IL2: Cliff Of Dover Pilots playing an online campaing every wednesday 10:30 - 00:30. (CET+01:00) HRCODWARII
Sorry to say that this is the third time we're suffering your servers breakdown, forcing us to repeat the same mission every week... This situation is getting unaceptable... people is starting to leave the campaing.

Please, could you explain why the servers are being submitted for maintenance tasks?... 00:00 CET+1 is "working time" for online gamers...
Which is the real reason behind this issues?? Do you expect more server problems the coming weeks?..
Thx for your kind support.

Garrett Fuerte · 26 March 2014 - 16:10
United States · Time Warner Cable

People saying this is the first shut down in a while obviously haven't been playing recently. This this the 3rd time in my experience that it went down in the last 2 weeks! I'm not on much either with work. I know it's a free service... but it's still a SERVICE to us and you know they make percentages of games/merch sold so to that I say get your shit together.

Habeel Kakakhel · 26 March 2014 - 09:07
Pakistan · Pakistan Telecommuication

Can't access my Steam Profile, Inventory, etc. Now enough is enough Steam, get your shit back together. This has been happening for the past couple of days.

Miguel Mallet · 25 March 2014 - 14:48
Canada · Bell Aliant

Oh LmAo! yep, going offline with steam will get your library back and you can launch games, but even if your internet is on again, you cannot play online with any games if steam is down, . This is something I just learn while testing this. Now this, is plain stupid. Because steam is offline, I can't play my games online which, they are online and have no problem on their side. sti gang de malade reveillez vous Valve a marde

Nick La Thangue · 25 March 2014 - 14:34
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

@Matthew Collins
What the f#!k are you even talking about? You do realise when you use Steam, buy games through Steam. You're essentially paying for their FREE SERVICE, in which they allow you to access all your games through one organised library (also being able to add non-steam games, also allowing you to use a handy overlay, which makes it easier to access talking with friends. I say again. FOR FREE). It's like you're complaining about a bookshelf for being crooked once in a while when it houses your books? (See I made an outrageous comparison just like you did with the f#!king house and Craigslist)

Steam didn't get to the top of its "game" (pun), just for being crappy did it? If anything its leading pc gaming into a new generation, all that shit with Uplay etc are just trying to copy it because they didn't get the memo of how handy it was to have all games under one launcher. And even so. The Uplay launcher (Assassins creed reference) is shit, it couldn't even save my game on the cloud. The beauty of Steam is you can access it at any computer, and get your games you've already bought at the cheap cost of NOTHING (just your soul).

PS, you wont win that legal battle against Steam. He'll drive your bills up so much you actually will HAVE to get your games through PB, then you can complain on that website too when they don't post a game you want yeah? Nice idea.
Quit complaining about complaining would you? Out of the millions of users on Steam. I don't think you're going to win this, or that legal bullshit case you got.
Services/games don't get popular because of how bad they are? Unless you bought WarZ, then I feel sorry for you. I fell for that too.

Miguel Mallet · 25 March 2014 - 14:04
Canada · Bell Aliant

Yeah, In Canada and this is the first time I'm getting this. I must be just lucky to log on whenever its not down but today it's just not working. Not just steam isn't logging in, game doesn't start either because it just stays to the little screen after double clicking my steam Icon, " Connecting Steam account: " game doesn't launch. I don't care if steam is down or I cant access the store or the community, but separate both things, Why the Fuck do I need steam to run my game? I understand to buy games, ok, but to Run it ? What the f#!k so, just because steam is messed up, means we cant buy AND play ? that's retard I'm sorry

Ok well, if you have the same prob, just unplug your internet cable, launch steam, and it will ask you if you want to launch and stay offline. After that, your library will open and then re plug your cable and you can launch games again. but not access store, install new games, forums etc..

Paramjot Singh · 25 March 2014 - 13:20
United States · Comcast Cable

@Matthew Collins

Why are you even on here? Didn't you just repeat your self for everyone to stop affiliating themselves with steam and their products? Well this page is for steam users. You have no purpose to be posting your rants about how everyone should just pirate games. If you had even the slightest intellectual ability, you would know if everyone started pirating games developers would stop developing games due to no finances. Only retards with your uneducated brain on this topic would talk shit without having actually thinking.

And to the point where you talk about others complaining on the source and not trying to solve the issue. Are you retarded? You are the most hypocritical bitch I've ever seen. Talking about others complaining, yet you're complaining about others. Why not use your own ideology and solve the problem yourself by ignoring this page and the content on here. No one wants to read your Hypocritical statements.

Matthew Collins · 25 March 2014 - 12:58
United States · Comcast Cable

Everyone wants to complain but never do whatever it takes to get the issue they're complaining about Stopped!

I've said it before, I'll say it again now, and I'll say it again in the future:


For example I see so many stupid f#!king people actually downloading a free to play game through Steam instead of getting it directly off the site that made the game itself such as APB reloaded, Planetslide 2 and a few others. Look here people IF you have choice between Steam and the site itself. YOU CHOOSE THE SITE ITSELF.

If a game is on both Steam and another service (Such as Assassin's Creed IV, then you purchase it through the other service AND YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM STEAM.

Sure you may no be able to play them online via normal means, but there are tons of other methods of playing online with a pirated game.

Quit feeding the source of your complaint, and then you won't have the problems you're complaining about.

But again of course people won't ever do whatever it takes to solve the problem and instead will keep feeding the source and continue complaining.

Jessica Young · 25 March 2014 - 00:56
United States · Comcast Cable

can anyone actually get on steam? one min its up the next is down the website says its up and running but i can not get it to stay up longer than like 20 secs and i want to play 7d2d so bad update today completely deleted my saved game that i have been working on for so long so have to compltely start over but cant even log in! So frusrated, I just want to play!!! Fix it please!!

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