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Having Problems with Accessing Origin.com?
Alyssa Marie Morgan · 2 September 2015 - 10:18
· · Android Browser 4.0 on Android

Mind explaining why Origins deleted three of my sims expansion packs yesterday? It kept saying popping "End of User License Agreement". Problem is, one of the expansion packs was only two weeks old. And it won't let me reinstall them.

Tim Terroy · 7 July 2014 - 15:59
United States · Comcast Cable · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

i got darkspore and when i regeister the game it gives me a black wtf

John Cawte · 20 June 2014 - 12:25
United Kingdom · Orange Home UK · Firefox 30.0 on Windows

trying to login to orgin to day and i getting this

your update could not be completed. please download and install the latest vrsion of origin from nttp://download.dm.origin.com/orgin/live/originsetup.exe.

i have the latest version of the origin program i unistalled od and reinstallred new but still getting this window

And can not login into any games

Brad Ross · 9 June 2014 - 13:36
Canada · Cogeco Cable · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

IDK WTF is going on... I paid for a broken game (BF4) and even bought the "premium" (boy did I get taken for my money) and now I can't even play the broken game that I paid for because ORIGIN won't let me ONLINE. only offline and that's after a 3min load time, just to tell me that Im offline.

Marco Carampanta · 4 June 2014 - 02:47
Portugal · PT Comunicacoes · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

always hated EA, never have used origin in my life, but since they're offering bf3 for free i'm giving it a shot... and what a surprise, EA is f#!king up again, and it's down for around 1 week now :) haha go EA!

Yarost Stanislav · 1 June 2014 - 09:59
Italy · WIND Telecomunicazioni · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

No website. Only ipertext. Really? F#!k. I want to lognin, but origin (site and exe) are f#!ked up.

Tannya Loza · 30 May 2014 - 07:32
United States · Comcast Cable · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

It says Origin is up but yet I can't log in because they are having issues

Jane Howard · 12 May 2014 - 16:12
United States · Verizon FiOS · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

Cart won't load for my mom's account and shes trying to buy stuff with the card i got her for mothers day. this is ridiculous.

Randerson Randy · 22 April 2014 - 06:52
New Zealand · Telecom New Zealand

im bak i retract dat last statment as i got it working now and slowly dling bf4 slow because off my connection only not origin..I use windows 8.1.
All i had to do to get it working was change the compatibility setting to windows 7.
Sorry mr E.A games... im stayin with da pc and shall always CHALLENGE EVERYTHING.

Tyler Bonenfant · 19 April 2014 - 06:14
United States · Comcast Cable

I bought the new Simcity, and I tried to install it, but Origin says I need to be online to log in and install the game. I tried to go on the website, but nothing is working on there.

Diana Im'Alienated · 8 April 2014 - 00:43
United States · Comcast Cable

i did what Dionysis Santiago said it took about 10 tries the box kept getting checked again somehow but eventually worked! thanks!

Dionysis Santiago · 5 April 2014 - 16:44
United States · Comcast Cable


1. go to control panel.
2. Go to internet options.
3. Click the connections tab and at the bottom of the window click on LAN SETTINGS.
4. uncheck the option Use a proxy server for your LAN.
5. Click Apply.
6. Close orgin restart the program and it should work!


Lukas Veikšra · 31 March 2014 - 05:21
Lithuania · TEO LT, AB

I cant go into Origin web.. I try other browsers - its same. My friends can open it, but i cant. What problem?

Isobel Hughes Shaw · 30 March 2014 - 07:01
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

this is what is says when i try to get in from the origin website. origin is telling me i am not online from my desktop shortcut.

can anyone put the below error in simpler terms for me please?

Proxy Error
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request POST /uk/login.
Reason: Error reading from remote server

Kyle Kedzuch · 25 March 2014 - 12:46
United States · AT&T Internet Services

I'm trying to install SimCity and Origin is not going online to allow me to begin. Buy games, install games, play games... Sigh... Simpler times. Side note: I hope this doesn't interfere with the one player mode for SimCity. I want the patch, but I guess I'll have to wait until Origin gets it @#$% together.

Fokke Ettema · 25 March 2014 - 07:14
Netherlands · Planet Technologies

can't login to Origin to. I bought simcity 4 days ago and i couldn't log in :(

Adrian Toth · 25 March 2014 - 03:04
Hungary · VidaNet Cable Television Provider.

Can't login to Origin AGAIN!! Online login currently unavailable. Is it just me?

Sammi Hahn · 21 March 2014 - 10:28
United States · AT&T U-verse

i cant log in and it wont let me what going with your origin website. please let me know soon.

Robert Brumley · 16 March 2014 - 09:35
United States · Cox Communications

Origin is not working and will not let Sims 3 work either every time I try to get either to run it doesnt

Scottie Armani · 2 March 2014 - 12:29
United States · Comcast Cable

What is wrong with their site??? I can't even navigate! Trying to redeem a product code. what ever happened to plopping in the program and running it without having to redeem online???

Mikey Jones · 28 February 2014 - 11:37
United States · Comcast Cable

Can't log in. Never buying Origin/EA again after reading about all these other VERY UNHAPPY people. Great business model - rarely works and alienating your customers. Good luck with that.

Edward Rigby · 28 February 2014 - 07:56
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

in my case origin told me to run microsoft fix it and it will reset my host file support.microsoft.com/kb/972034

Henry Existance · 26 February 2014 - 04:07
Taiwan · CHTD, Chunghwa Telecom

you're full of bullshit man, Origin is down right now for everyone, and it's always got issues, and you're telling me it's up and working, LMFAO

Julieanne Isherwood · 20 February 2014 - 06:33
Australia · iiNet Limited

I am not impressed with being railroaded by Origin when i purchased the sims 3 at a shop. Cant download origin form net and if i install sims 3 from disc origin initiates update even when saying no and then it hangs and nothing further happens. Just let me play the game without origin.

David Stephen Anderson · 13 February 2014 - 15:57
United States · Cox Communications

Trying to activate my copy of MASS EFFECT TRILOGY. i am getting: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE: this action could not be completed. we may be eperiencing unusually high server load or undergoing maintenance. please try again in a few minutes. ive been trying for over an hour and your site says everything is working. i have less than 24hrs to get this installed or it will be a waist of my money and i will try to return it before i will be unavailable for the next 10 months. please fix this problem ASAP!

Biomechanoid Home · 7 February 2014 - 03:46

Damn, I can not play Mass Effect 3 coop for 4-5 days now!!! Every time I'm trying to launch origin it just loading forever and then I'm getting error


Lola Guin · 5 February 2014 - 13:41
United States · Comcast Cable

Can't log in to The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It says "Origin network could not be reached at this time".

Carol Burgess · 5 February 2014 - 13:16
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

Thought if you download a game that you bought from origin you should still be able to play it without login to main server. Clicked on game and opens origin home page but not game and now it seems impossible to even get into origin on desktop over the last week. I hope they fix what ever there doing soon.

Steve Coffman · 5 February 2014 - 12:31
United States · Verizon Wireless

I can't get into Simpson's tapped out. It say origin network cannot be reached

Bory Jack Suh · 3 February 2014 - 09:24
South Korea · LG DACOM Corporation

i can't login to origin, origin wants to be moar like steam then have services like steam

Theresa Boyd Hardy · 29 January 2014 - 08:47
United States · Clear Wireless

i cant log into origin so i can play the sims 3 can someone please help..

Zak Finch · 22 January 2014 - 06:54
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

Hey everytime i try and install sims 3 the wizard pops up before the language and then just disappears, ive tried everything i can think of! What do i do?! Any help please

Rebecca Irene · 2 January 2014 - 23:29
United States · Comcast Cable

So Origin is up but SimCity servers prevent me from playing the game still. I just bought it like 4 hours ago and haven't been able to play it since. :(

Jesse Milliken · 2 January 2014 - 22:59
United States · Time Warner Cable

steam and origin aren't even the only ones under attack right now. This is getting out of control.

Luis Atlas Montano Chelsea · 2 January 2014 - 21:35
United States · Time Warner Cable

the worst thing is us ultimate team players just lost a bunch of coins thanks again EA

Kraal Davis · 2 January 2014 - 21:27
New Zealand · Telecom New Zealand

what really pisses me off... is i dont get a lot of game time and for the first time in ages i have the night to play... AND I CANT !!! these DDOS pricks are complete keyboard pussys

Luis Atlas Montano Chelsea · 2 January 2014 - 21:25
United States · Time Warner Cable

EA can defend their ass there full of shit worst servers but yet I buy their game every year, they should Improve with all the money we give to them (FIFA 14)

Kraal Davis · 2 January 2014 - 21:17
New Zealand · Telecom New Zealand

READ THIS BEFORE YOU COMMENT : kotaku.com/hackers-claim-to-have-broken-eas-origin-service...

Shang-Chi Manchu · 2 January 2014 - 21:14
United States · AT&T U-verse

Server down is one thing... definitely bad but happens whatever the reason. No update, acknowledgment, message, eta or status is horrible and inexcusable. WTF!

AK Bear · 2 January 2014 - 21:12
Austria · Tele2 SWIPnet

Amazing how many people here can't read. The servers are being DDOSed by some retards. That's why they can't be accessed. Duh!

If you blame EA for this, you should be banned from the internet for the rest of your life.

Tracey Rudd · 2 January 2014 - 21:10
Australia · Telstra Internet

DERP @DerpTrolling 2h
We've directed the Gaben Laser Beam™ @ the EA login servers. Origin #offline

William Fowler · 2 January 2014 - 21:09
United States · AT&T U-verse

What's sad about this is all they are really accomplishing is denying us access to play our origin bought games... come on man...

Chad Swarthout · 2 January 2014 - 21:02
United States · GCI Communications

@Armani Axe They are getting a DDOS attack from https://twitter.com/DerpTrolling

Bradley Lamb · 2 January 2014 - 20:58
United States · BellSouth.net

No problem! Im now experiencing multiple problems with origin. My download did shut off and cancel!

Beth Cunningham Kelch · 2 January 2014 - 20:53
United States · Xspedius Communications Co.

Origin will not launch. Says I'm not connected to internet but I am....

Bradley Lamb · 2 January 2014 - 20:46
Australia · Telstra Internet

It most likely will not affect downloads because the download is only paused.

Allison Mulcrone · 2 January 2014 - 20:43
United States · Cox Communications

I'm currently in the process of downloading three games and in the middle of the download it turns to offline mode. Is this going to affect my download in any way?

Malo Xmalox · 2 January 2014 - 20:38
United States · Comcast Cable

twitter.com/AskEASupport/status/418957286543867904 They are under attack by DERP. https://twitter.com/DerpTrolling

Eugene Balykov · 2 January 2014 - 20:34
United States · Optimum Online

EA are you serious? Fkn NY holidays and origin server is down during days?

Brad Kalinoski · 2 January 2014 - 20:29
United States · Greenlight

Cant log in to origin, this is BS. In three days Ive been able to play 2 times.

Tramesha Davis · 2 January 2014 - 20:28
United States · Mediacom Communications

even thesims3.com is down. I just got this game I want to play it!! -_-

Van Spear · 2 January 2014 - 20:26
United States · Comcast Cable

Has EA made any statement about how long until this stuff will be fixed?

Richard Steinert · 2 January 2014 - 20:24
Germany · Deutsche Telekom AG

just as i booted a new OS and needed to redownload all the games.. At least Steam seams to work fine again.

Al Hudson · 2 January 2014 - 20:22
Mexico · Uninet de C.V.

Yep both Origin and Steam are down thanks to: https://twitter.com/DerpTrolling Just like Matt said... I was playing BF3 then... bye

James Davon Smith · 2 January 2014 - 20:21
Mexico · Telefonos del Noroeste

This is why I hate this new Security, i PAID money now I can't play my games when I have time to play them!!! what a rip off!!!

Matt Rowland · 2 January 2014 - 20:18
United States · Comcast Cable

It's Origin and Steam because of these idiots! https://twitter.com/DerpTrolling
There attacking the login servers. DDOS EA/Origin login servers.

Anan Dewa Awan · 2 January 2014 - 20:18
Indonesia · FASTNET


Ron Varga · 2 January 2014 - 20:17
United States · Verizon FiOS

Nothing is happening. I've tried to chat with C.S. (located in India - of all places) and never got a response. Something shitty is happening.

Seth Daniel · 2 January 2014 - 20:16
United States · Huntel.net

for the people asking what to do with these services down, you can join me and cry quietly to yourself because it was all you had planned for the evening.

Kraal Davis · 2 January 2014 - 20:14
New Zealand · Telecom New Zealand

what pisses me off... is the lack of information we get... if i got a message saying' we apologize but will be back up in 2 hours' i wouldnt be so pissed... communication is key

Ed Smith · 2 January 2014 - 20:13
United States · Grande Communications

Origin is being subjected to a denial of service right now, or so the hacker says on twitter

Emily Michelle · 2 January 2014 - 20:12
United States · Time Warner Cable

I thought something was wrong with my comp - but its Origin... as usual: "online login unavailable"

Ryan Gephart · 2 January 2014 - 20:12
United States · Armstrong Cable Services

All I wanna do...is play The Old Republic... worked all day, get home, take a nap, eat, go to the gym, get all excited to force choke some fools... and I find out that not only is Origin not working so I can't play TOR... but neither is Steam... or the EA PS3/PS4 servers... why, God, whyyyyyyy!?

Het Blum · 2 January 2014 - 20:01
United States · Comcast Cable

Logged me out of my game saying I lost connection to Origin now I cant even get origin to load.

David Frisbey · 2 January 2014 - 19:58
United States · Mediacom Communications

When is EA going to get their s%^# together. I'm sure now, they are incapable of learning anything. As if BF3 wasn't a big enough fail. Here they go again with the stupid "origin" thing and the RIDICULOUS browser integration. EPIC FAIL!!! never buying EA again. I dont care how good the game is. OH, and I just sold my stock....so ....there...:P

Heather Carson · 2 January 2014 - 19:58
United States · Comcast Cable

Origin and Steam are both down right now. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Winter Storm that is hitting right now.

Paul Zalesak · 2 January 2014 - 19:57
United States · Cox Communications

http://goo.gl/Quio7A WTF? I found out if i disconnect from the internet and Im pinging my PC is online :OOOOO

Matthew Nicol · 2 January 2014 - 19:56
New Zealand · Vodafone New Zealand Broadband

this is why i think i prefer console gaming you dont get these issues all the time like u do with origin and u can still play the game without being online

Anan Dewa Awan · 2 January 2014 - 19:55
Indonesia · FASTNET

Long time ago, I'd go through all this crap to play Bioware games but ME3 will prolly be the last game I play that has anything to do with them. Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher 3 I'll get from GOG, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity I'll get from Steam.

Bradley Lamb · 2 January 2014 - 19:52
United States · BellSouth.net

Another thing, @www.origin.com won't let me login unless I add an item to my cart and proceed to checkout? And as soon as I cancel me checkout it logs me right back out?

Wolf Mason · 2 January 2014 - 19:49
United States · Verizon FiOS

Last time I pay to effectively rent a game from EA. (You know, since access to the product I PAID FULL PRICE FOR is entirely at their discretion.)

Jeff Fantin · 2 January 2014 - 19:48
United States · Cox Communications


An error has occurred while attempting to login. Please try again later.

I guess thats better then getting into BF4 and having it crash. EA Sucks!!!

Anan Dewa Awan · 2 January 2014 - 19:48
Indonesia · FASTNET

Origin...pfffttt. So unreliable. I wish they'd put some of their games on Steam. I've got more downtime from Origin than any other server I log into.

Tramesha Davis · 2 January 2014 - 19:47
United States · Mediacom Communications

I have windows 8 and online origin works but if I use the little app thingy it says I don't have an internet connection...anyone else have that problem?

Jarrod Paez · 2 January 2014 - 19:47
United States · Cox Communications

This might be why.. https://twitter.com/DerpTrolling They supposedly DDOS EA/Origin login servers.

Shang-Chi Manchu · 2 January 2014 - 19:46
United States · AT&T U-verse

no respect for it's customers :( Oh but wait... their store is up so you can buy more games! Gee how odd??? Arggg.

Jeffrey Faber · 2 January 2014 - 19:46
United States · Comcast Cable

I think the government is implementing some new internet securities, more big brother on the way!

Bradley Lamb · 2 January 2014 - 19:44
United States · BellSouth.net

Origin logged me off and wont let me go back online. Bought a game 3 days ago and it is now 93% and stopped and put me offline. Guess who's never buying anything from Origin again? This guy. Absolutely ridiculous.

Yüksel Deniz · 2 January 2014 - 19:42
Turkey · Turk Telekom

EA is the wealthiest game company but can't set up a f#!king proper server

Kraal Davis · 2 January 2014 - 19:41
United States · Comcast Cable

im just glad there is a site like this so i could see others too were having issues... eliminates me spending hours trying to debug

Armando J. ML · 2 January 2014 - 19:38
United States · Comcast Cable

when I click any of my battlefield games, I just get that stupid origin loading circle and nothing happens...

Brodland Matthew · 2 January 2014 - 19:31
Canada · Shaw Communications

its a little weird origin says its up my computer says its down what is it I got multiple games that are off origin all paid for I am getting pretty upset for all this inconvenience I don't like it one bit if u cant keep the servers up then maybe someone should make a new game launcher. I work everyday just like the average joe and when I come home want to relax I just want to play my game fore a bit and cant half the time do to problems with origin or battlelog ext then maybe these things should not be sold or give the person there money back im done

Ian Potter · 2 January 2014 - 19:26
United States · Comcast Cable

it keep getting EA disconnected errors and now orign wont even connect

Sara Harris Dykes · 2 January 2014 - 19:23
United States · Cox Communications

Yes both mine and my husband's won't load. Origin message says it's unavailable.

Ken Corley · 2 January 2014 - 19:22
United States · Cox Communications

Cannot connect. I uninstalled and re-installed thinking I messed something up.

Joey Grixti Jr · 2 January 2014 - 19:16
Canada · Rogers Cable

yep I cant log in either origin is down. I called them and they said its due to overwhelming traffic... that's great but I d like to play the games I paid for...

Scott Lawson Hamilton · 2 January 2014 - 19:06
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

Not used origin for a while and did a password reset as was not sure on it, the website page would never load properly took me 45 minutes just to get the login page to give me a pw reset, then when load up origin programme constant rotating circle

Edward E Baez Esparrech · 1 January 2014 - 08:16
United States · Comcast Cable

I get a constant rotating circle after trying to login. The page never loads. It says online login not available

Elanas Bartulis · 31 December 2013 - 02:45
Lithuania · TEO LT, AB

origin.com website won't open for me on pc. The images wount load properly. But when i try with my phone it opens just fine. And i cant login to origin account

Joanne Harpley · 29 December 2013 - 15:21
Australia · Dodo Australia

Trying to reset my forgotten password for EA Origin to load Sims 3 onto a new laptop. Origin gives the opportunity to re-enter a new code for varification and says they have just sent an email to for me to follow and reset a new password, but after 50 attempts, there is still no email in my inbox OR spam/junk box, like it suggests.

Erin Helton · 28 December 2013 - 17:46
United States · AT&T U-verse

My cart wont load. I'm trying to buy the sims 3 starter pack and the 70's 80's & 90's expansion pack and take advantage of the 40% off but I can't get into my cart to check out... :(

Henry Landivar · 28 December 2013 - 11:29
United States · Verizon Internet Services

They should move on to steam instead of origin since EA has no idea what they are doing

Neto Okpala · 26 December 2013 - 19:15
United States · Comcast Cable

it keeps saying i need to be online to loggin what the heck does that mean

Tes Ppls · 24 December 2013 - 20:01
United States · Cox Communications

I just bought Sims 3 and I am unable to activate my game siting technical difficulties, so disappointed even after I am logged in!

Víťa Petřík · 2 December 2013 - 05:41
Czechia · CESNET z.s.p.o.

Page not working for me, purchased The Simcity today, but can't create Origin account via SW and page is not working. OMG

Luke Melville · 29 November 2013 - 22:34
South Africa · Telkom Internet

Unable to purchase anything off the site, gives me an error Ref#10048, have tried multiple browsers and computers

Kurt Johnson · 29 November 2013 - 12:50
United States · Comcast Cable

Cannot get help from Origin. Site freezes even after deleting cache and cookies for Safari. Also tried Chrome and Firefox unsuccessfully. Since BF4 for PS4 is not working for me, impossible to get assistance from support that EA points to.

Christopher J. Allen · 29 November 2013 - 11:41
United States · Hughes Network Systems

It let me buy something the 30 mins later tried to buy something else and now they wont process my payment

Tarha Selvidge · 28 November 2013 - 09:53
United States · Time Warner Cable

Still not working. Can't see ot add anything to the shopping cart!!!

Britni Danielle Whitson · 28 November 2013 - 09:10
United States · AT&T U-verse

currently can only log in "offline". Unable to go online... This happened right in the middle of installing my game -_-

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