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Can't Access MySurvey - Troubleshooting Instructions

If the site is UP but you cant access the page, try one of the below solutions:

Browser Related Problems

Force a full refresh for the site. This can be achieved by pressing CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.)

Clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser to make sure that you have the most recent version of the web page. For instructions choose your browser :

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Having Problems with Accessing
Lynn Miron · 29 July 2016 - 13:54
· · Opera Next 38.0.2220.41 on Windows

I get an error message every time I try to log in to

Bart Bartleson · 25 July 2016 - 17:11
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Same with me. Always server too busy, try again.

Vickie Daluge · 23 July 2016 - 15:26
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

I'm about to cash out the points that I have acculimated and delete the site. I have been with Mysurvey for many years and never had this problem of not being able to log in, but now it's all the time. Very frustrating.

Rice Cakes · 12 July 2016 - 20:37
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

This is insane, why am I getting cut off right in the middle of a survey?

Elaine Macko · 23 June 2016 - 22:50
· · Firefox 47.0 on Windows

I can'[t believe it! I think My Survey finally fixed that "Server Busy" error problem. I was able to finish all my surveys today. Of course, keeping my fingers crossed!

Dana Timur · 22 June 2016 - 17:08
· · Chrome 51.0 on Windows

you may try their support line 1 855 770 779O this might work

Elaine Macko · 22 June 2016 - 12:11
· · Firefox 47.0 on Windows

I can log in. Myaccount is active, but most surveys look like they are going to load, then the newest error, "Ooops! … This is embarrassing but it seems our server is currently too busy. I'm constanly getting this message, then the survey disappears. My survey knows about this problem, but it has been going on for 2 months. Anyone else get this message?

Leslie Cliff · 20 June 2016 - 16:57
· · Chrome 51.0 on Windows

same problems no way to report by email & several surveys i've missed;(

Stephanie Clinton · 16 June 2016 - 01:44
· · Safari 9.0 on iPad

I'm having the same trouble previously mentioned, but mine just began this afternoon June 15, 2016 around 5pm. I finished a survey, and it took me to the login page. I hit login, and the login page refreshes. I have a new survey available on my phone on the app, which stays logged in, but when I click it the survey will not load. Definitely something wrong

BL Smith · 15 June 2016 - 22:13
· · Firefox 47.0 on Windows

Same problem as Maury Kaplan. Still getting survey notification emails, but each time I go to login it redirects me to the login page over and over again and I never make any progress with actually getting INTO the site. I haven't bothered emailing MySurvey as I've never recieved any response from them about issues in the past.

Maury Kaplan · 11 June 2016 - 13:49
· · Chrome 50.0 on Windows

I have tried logging in for the past week or so without success. I still get emails for surveys, but the links only take me to the login page, where logging in only returns me to the other login page. I have sent messages from the Help link on the site twice -- no response. I have emailed (carol at mysurvey dot com) and the emails bounce back. Very odd, indeed.

Shannon Pierce · 9 June 2016 - 23:17
· · Chrome 50.0 on Windows

I just registered for this site/service yesterday. Recieved the activate acct email. Tried logging in multiple to with no luck. Tried the forgot my password link. Which gave me the same password i was using. Long story short. Why have a website if you dont let the users login to take the survey?!?!?

Kimberly Coleman · 29 May 2016 - 02:23
· · Chrome 30.0 on Windows

mine to

Kimberly Coleman · 29 May 2016 - 02:23
· · Chrome 30.0 on Windows

mine keeps saying error

Julie Rasmussen Cover · 17 May 2016 - 18:38
· · Firefox 46.0 on Windows

For close to two weeks now, I can't sign in. Screen says my account is inactive. I have reported this through the help center and no one is getting back to me or fixing it. Anybody know of any other way of contacting these people, short of snail mail?

Deshawn Dabney · 24 April 2016 - 20:21
· · Chrome 50.0 on Windows

I tried logging in and it kept giving me an error. at first refreshing the page would do it, but now I can't even log in to that point.

Sandra Henderson · 21 April 2016 - 19:12
· · Chrome 49.0 on Windows

I have not been able to login keeps coming up error.

Rosemarie Polsinelli-Perkett · 1 April 2016 - 21:05
· · Chrome 47.0 on Android

Mysurvey.Com keeps saying I have an inactive account yet up until last week I was taking surveys!

Jo Ann Vines · 7 March 2016 - 01:29
· · Firefox 44.0 on Windows

I think it is time to contact the New Jersey Divison of Consumer Affair (i.e., the Attorney General where My Survey has its headquarters) and file a complaint to them.

Their web address is

Explain your situation and ask them to work on your behalf. I f enough of us file a complaint we might get what we are owed or much more.

Lynch Crystal · 25 February 2016 - 16:38
· · Firefox 44.0 on Windows

Looks like MySurvey is having major problems. Just put in an order for a gift card and then tried to log back in and it says it is completely down and under maintenance. I believe it would be good and fair for MySurvey reps to communicate to all of us what is going on here, instead of this silence.

Allen Martin · 18 February 2016 - 09:10
· · Chrome 48.0 on Android

Still can't access my account at all, keeps coming back INACTIVE ACCOUNT, received 1 reply stating that due to trying to access my account from outside the UK it made my account inactive & they said they reactivated my account, that's a laugh as I have never been outside the Uk/England for over 10 years, have sent numerous emails & only ever had 1 single reply, PATHETIC!!!!

Janie Gregonis Rice · 15 February 2016 - 13:53
· · Firefox 44.0 on Windows

I have not been able to access this site for over a week - keep getting error message. Can't e-mail them because I can't access the site!! This is the second time I've had problems with My Survey. A few months ago they suspiciously kept denying me access to surveys saying I was not trustworthy or something like (basically that I had been lying on surveys which was absolutely not true.) I e-mailed them about this but did not hear back from them for over a month!!! In the meantime I had closed my account (losing 300 points) and openend another account. Was having no problems up until this past week and now cannot access surveys at all. MY Survey sucks!!!!!

Kimberly Stockton Ashworth · 11 February 2016 - 02:39
· · Safari 9.0.3 on Mac

My account has been down since Tuesday Saying error - The only thing I can do is put in my ID and password and it takes mnutes for it to say error

Kimberly Stockton Ashworth · 11 February 2016 - 02:38
· · Safari 9.0.3 on Mac

my survey has been down since Tuesday - Keeps coming upwith error Could someone please help. I have sent several emails with no rsponse

Allen Martin · 10 February 2016 - 20:19
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

Well emailed My Survey a couple of times now & not one reply back off them,tried clearing browser/cookies etc, tried to access my accountt on 4 different gadgets but still nothing, Oh sorry received a text message asking me to activate the My Survey Mobile Connect+ app, which i did a few month ago & had to uninstall it , as it completely took over my phone,Internet non existant,phone calls poor quality,couldn't open emails,nor nothing,so why should i activate the app again when i can't access my account ? very annoying

Patti Ravis Lawrimore · 9 February 2016 - 17:38
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

not sure why they are not responding to anyone here or on FB or on their websites at all. This is very frustrating to all of us and mine has been going on since early January with no resolution and barely a comment

Allen Martin · 8 February 2016 - 22:07
· · Chrome 48.0 on Android

Been trying for past few days to log in to my My Survey account & all I get is account inactive, this is the second time within 6 months,

Patti Ravis Lawrimore · 5 February 2016 - 22:18
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

My account has been coming up inactive since early January. I got an email last week telling me to wait 5 business days to log in, I patiently waited the 5 days until this day Friday Feb 5, and still I am inactive

Sue Kongsli · 22 December 2015 - 22:28
· · Chrome 47.0 on Windows

unable to log in for past hour.

Elisabeth Deedman · 27 October 2015 - 15:54
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

I have just tried to log in and it comes up with inactive account. Have they gone. I've got lots of points I want to cash in.

Bonita Maxon · 24 October 2015 - 20:47
· · Chrome 41.0 on Windows

I have sent 5 emails and called the office 3 times in the last 3 weeks to report that my account is coming up inactive. I believe one site said they have closed the survey site which if you have lots of points like I did then you are unable to cash them in.

Annie Humphrey · 30 September 2015 - 21:41
· · Firefox 40.0 on Windows

my survey said my account is not active been doing surveys for years why did they close it they will not tell me the answer to that

Francisca Roth · 29 June 2014 - 22:29
United States · AT&T Internet Services · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

I havent received a survey from them since June 15th, and their email question form is not available. Is it not up anymore?

Bianca Lopez · 2 May 2014 - 01:10
United States · Comcast Cable

It loads forever then just says Error :( Ive lost 2 surveys worth 150 for this :"(

Karen Vedus · 27 April 2014 - 08:05
United States · Comcast Cable

Right. Email is still down and I have issues with the phone MC+. No one to contact. I am NOT snail mailing. Like that will get an answer, let alone anytime soon. I'm taking it off my phone

Karen Mickley · 17 April 2014 - 19:26
United States · Verizon Wireless

I have been doing a survey where I record purchases for the month of April. Yesterday it disappeared from my home page. I tried to email them and it said their email is down and gave me their address to mail them my question!! Are they kidding?

Brad Twaddle · 28 February 2014 - 01:09
United States · Charter Communications

My Survey has been down all evening !!!

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