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Top Comments ▼
Eric D. Martin · 1 day 4 hours 25 mins ago

"We are experiencing yet another example of our deteriorating service, which began when we moved out data plant to another, cheaper provider. You will be down for hours, we will sporadically post that we are working on it, and eventually it will get back up. Until the next time. Thank you for being a loyal Hostgator customer."

MensDesigner Shoe · 1 day 5 hours 1 min ago

HostGator owned by EIG, contact Elyse Padilla, Executive Response Manager of EIG, at . Tell her your sick of this happening to us every few months. This is unusually bad service. Someone has to take some pride in their business and build some redundancy into their system so when a "router" goes down there's a backup.

▼ Latest Comments
Joe Caprio · 3 hours 7 mins ago

Surprise surprise, we are down again!

Fred Leiberman · 7 hours 11 mins ago

Back up. Now to try and quantify the damage this has caused.

Martin Capewell · 7 hours 41 mins ago

Finally, I am back up after 24 hours thank god!

Garrett Shields · 7 hours 42 mins ago

Finally back up! Lets hope its for good this time!

Euripedes B. Silva · 8 hours ago

Our dedicated server is back up, sites are live, etc. What a hellish night. We're getting email now, too, and that's bringing bad news from the customer base, left and right.

Battle 4 the Ages · 8 hours 7 mins ago

CHeck out the audacity of this reply? I sent an email, got the canned response from HG that EVERYONE else got.. I emailed back telling them a canned response isn't good enough and this is what they write back? Do they not realize this is Social Media and about 100 other people posted their canned response? Wow...

"Elyse Padilla

10:59 AM (26 minutes ago)

I’m sorry if you feel that my response was automated – it was typed out by me personally. I am forwarding your details to the appropriate place for follow-up.

Elyse Padilla

Endurance International Group, Inc.

Paul Liam James · 8 hours 25 mins ago

Dual Intel Xeon L5520
2.26GHz - 2 Processors
8 Cores / 16 Threads
24GB Ram
2 x 1TB SATA RAID 0/1
20TB bandwidth
Free migration
Fully managed with support

$165 /mo email and get moved

Rollin Boulders · 8 hours 27 mins ago

Anyone use greengeeks? I am looking for new home?

West Philly Deezy · 8 hours 29 mins ago

shit just crashed again

Fred Leiberman · 8 hours 43 mins ago


Garrett Shields · 8 hours 52 mins ago

Good thing their pitiful shared hosting customers are up.. Nevermind the important DEDICATED HOSTING customers that are down. Who cares about them!

Garrett Shields · 8 hours 56 mins ago

I am done with Hostgator. Down for nearly 22 hours now. Lost anywhere from 20-25K in income due to lost web sales. Yippee, they are going to credit me a month of service.. $270. That'll make up for it!

Robert Arenas · 9 hours ago

Update: The cause of the outage that began yesterday afternoon was due to an undocumented bug in firmware utilized in our vendor’s hardware. At this time, we’re still diligently working to restore service all customers. While the majority of customers are back online, we still have a small subset of servers that we are individually rebooting. You may see intermittent service as we complete the reboot. We appreciate your patience as we continue working on this.

Digital Media Concepts & Solutions · 9 hours 6 mins ago

Hostgator went down the drain. Their service has become so horrible. This is the 2nd time in a 3 month time period for an outage. I purchased an SSL took them 3 weeks. My dedicated has been down for 24 hours straight. They don't respond and the forum says absolutely nothing. I just want my server up so I can migrate it to another host.

Dave Ess · 9 hours 27 mins ago

Their help live chat is still down. This is bloody ridiculous!!

Victor A. Simossis · 9 hours 51 mins ago

Considering posts about wrong IPs and the fact that our boxes have all sites up on specific IPs but others that have dedicated ones being still down makes sense.

Victor A. Simossis · 9 hours 54 mins ago

Had a top level guy in one of our customers contact someone in HG. Thats what he told me.

Euripedes B. Silva · 10 hours 2 mins ago

Victor, where are you getting your info? That's the most concrete statement about cause and status I've seen anywhere yet

Victor A. Simossis · 10 hours 7 mins ago

For people looking for a new server home, we vetted a few since the morning. We are based in Europe so we opted for SiteGround's EU Data Center (2 business days to setup). However, InMotion in Cali was also excelent in detailing what they offer and their business ethic is outstanding. Would highly recommend them both for first contact.

Service reliability and the rest will have to follow....

Victor A. Simossis · 10 hours 10 mins ago

For anyone still waiting, the latest:

The router issue was yesterday, now it seems the Data Center IP Table got corrupted and servers were assigned different IPs.

I assume we are waiting for our servers to get their correct IPs. So some websites will work and others that are not on the same IP assignment are not yet restored... what a mess!

Euripedes B. Silva · 10 hours 13 mins ago

are there any other user forums where we might get a larger sampling of status?

Paul Liam James · 10 hours 42 mins ago they move you free

Fred Leiberman · 11 hours 22 mins ago

My Site was up. Cpanel down. No emails. Wait, now my sites down again. More aggravating the losing customers and money is........No customer contact. No really sorry from anyone important. Customer service??? Customer care??? Customer retention!!!!????

Suzie Quaterno · 11 hours 32 mins ago

My key sites are up!! Let's hope it lasts!

Algernon Wedervoort · 11 hours 43 mins ago

My dedicated server is up but with an different with an different IP Address.. Damn!!!!!!!!!! Try to get support but no reply

Barney Lodge · 12 hours 49 mins ago

My sites have just come up again after many many hours

Paul Liam James · 12 hours 53 mins ago they move you free

Suzie Quaterno · 12 hours 59 mins ago

My sites certainly aren't all up - a mixture of up and down all on the same re-seller hosting account.

Sylvester Lenz Kandukira · 13 hours 5 mins ago

Could it be a Terrorist attack? They wouldn't disclose such info would they?

Sylvester Lenz Kandukira · 13 hours 17 mins ago

Imagine having a reseller account and somthng like this happens....that means all the hundreds of sites you are hosting goes down as well.....This is just too much got to do somethng here.....

Ralf Faust · 13 hours 24 mins ago

We seem to be in that small number... I am curious how many others fall into that "small number" category.... About 2 million?

Ralf Faust · 13 hours 26 mins ago

with us its exactly the other way around, sites are up after 20 hours and mail traffic seems to work again for most sites, however all re-seller accounts on the servers and their customers and sites, still offline and no mail. No access to all individual c-panels for the customers and no access to our WHM so we cant see what to do and start making latest backups?

Jimmy Pelton · 13 hours 41 mins ago

We are still down as well, I wonder if this is just a way to save face?

Victor A. Simossis · 13 hours 45 mins ago

At this time full service has been restored to virtually all customers, we are aware of a very small number or residual issues and are addressing those at this time. If you continue to experience any issue, please contact us via normal support channels. We cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding throughout this situation.

We seem to be in that small number... I am curious how many others fall into that "small number" category....

Lou Tortola · 13 hours 51 mins ago

also WHM up for us... no sites...

Victor A. Simossis · 13 hours 54 mins ago

WHM up here too... sites not all up. No email yet! We got a server on SiteGround... lets see....

Lou Tortola · 14 hours 21 mins ago

I was hoping to find things resolved at 6:00am... but all our sites are still down... Anyone know anything? I see no light at the end of this dark tunnel!!!

Ioannis Syrigos · 14 hours 43 mins ago

Enough is enough for us. Just got one dedicated server with Siteground and one with liquidweb. They have very good reviews so lets hope that they are good!
BTW Paul, please stop advertising, nobody would move from Hostgator to them.

Anthony Wong · 15 hours 39 mins ago

Hi, Don;t know if this helps any ones thoughts on the matter.

Apart from moving your sites from HG, the next best ting is to distribute your web services across a few provides. e.g. I use 1and1 for email and DNS, Namescheap for Domani registration, Amazon AWS for storage and CDN, Dropbox also for storage and a local hosting company for backup sites and VM servers.

What does that mean for me?

Well some of my sites are still down, but I can still send and receive emails from my clients. I can still point them to the back up landing and download pages. And it helps me to decide if it is worth me updating the NS records to point to the backup site or just wait it out.

Its unfortunate that HG have got caught up in another major outage, really there are lessons to be learned from this and any company worth its money will be implementing ITIL in some form or other. So should be putting into place processes and procedures to minimise outages.

Resilient design in architecture should help prevent hardware failure. Correct change management process should help reduce risk during change.

I suspect a router upgrade or configuration change has gone wrong and a sufficient test plan had not been execute along with a decent back-out plan.

One thing is for sure, decent communication would be good. I get alerts and updates from my other suppliers if there are any issues so why HG doesn't do this is anyones guess?

Like they say, no one likes radio silence when the s**t is hitting the fan

p.s. I'm not an HG affiliate and the sites I moved to HG, was yes (a) because of price and (b) because up until recently I had years of low interruption or performance issues with HG. But to be fair when it happened for the first time I did change to the model above especially as my business had grown.

Stone Mind · 16 hours 13 mins ago

Thing like this is unfortunate, but anticipated. If Hostgator can learn from this lesson, and improve heretofore, finding ways to keep such disaster to the minimum, we should be a bit more accommodating. Nothing is disaster free now. People get killed by taking a flight or a pleasure boat ride. I believe no one at Hostgator enjoys such disaster and as long as they have learned from this and make it better, let's be more forgiving.

Anupam Bakshi · 16 hours 17 mins ago

Any recommendations for a better hosting provider? We've been a customer for past 7 years but this is the final straw ... we gotta move.

Kathleen Kidwell Jones · 16 hours 28 mins ago

My websites and emai accounts have been down for over 5 hours straight and intermittent since 11 a.m. yesterday. There is already news about the outage and how HG customers have pretty much had it:

Antoine Magnan - SEO Thailand · 16 hours 35 mins ago

24 customers websites and emails down since more than 12 hours. No ETA. Chat / tel support disabled. This is just UNACCEPTABLE !!!

Mark Collard · 16 hours 40 mins ago

Finally, all of my websites (and presumably my VPS) are up and running again... a long way from HostGator, but I still lost a bit of hair from pulling action during the day. Sorry to all of my subscribers. I'm seriously exploring other hosting options after Easter...

Roger Smith · 16 hours 40 mins ago

@Lawrence Ip - Actually I saw it on domain tools (, you may be correct in it being a common advertisement banner, however, when I do a Who Is on other domains I don't see the same "For Sale" banner and the banner is showing within the domains "Whois Record". Just seems odd and a little concerning... especially with these outage issues!

Jana Sebastian · 16 hours 41 mins ago

Down for me too, again! and I will be switching. This is not acceptable for a hosting service provider, and damaging to business !

Lawrence Ip · 16 hours 53 mins ago

Roger Smith -
Did anyone happen to notice domain is "For Sale" by the owner...? Rather concerning actually!

If you saw that on Namecheap, they're always saying that... Make an Offer...stuff

Kumar Ranjan · 17 hours 3 mins ago

I already left 3 account of Hostgator and with this terrible services, its time to say good bye to Hostgator. They are busy to selling more hosting account rather than maintaining existing clients!!

Mark W. Sahan · 17 hours 4 mins ago

My sites just came back up but for how long? 2:30am CST April 17/14

Dave Rongey · 17 hours 7 mins ago

NOTE THIS: The info on Hostgators website STILL shows their servers are located in TEXAS. This is FALSE and MISLEADING. The data center is in PROVO UTAH. I brought this to their attention the last time this happened and they still have not changed this Misleading Info. Go to this link, and click on Compare All Dedicated Servers - here's the link;

Roger Smith · 17 hours 16 mins ago

Did anyone happen to notice domain is "For Sale" by the owner...? Rather concerning actually!

Jorge Barake · 17 hours 23 mins ago

My site is down-- again! But I can access the CPanel.

Lawrence Ip · 17 hours 24 mins ago

I can see most of the peeps here have VPS & Dedicated servers. I's gonna hurt HG when we all leave in droves. That's like at he very least 30 baby accounts for each one of us. If 10, 000 of us leave in one month at $100 a pop that's $1 million/month. That'll send 'em broke anyways. Yes, I've seen this before. Shareholder profit is a higher priority for them. Guess what, it's gonna tumble!

Mwesigye Prosper · 17 hours 25 mins ago

I wake today. Been happy with HG for the last three years but the outages happening in every few months is coating us business. What happened to the HG i knew. Now thinking of how i can mirror my sites

Rowell Soon · 17 hours 26 mins ago

Ridiculous. We have emails, the whole lot, stuck cos of this

Hisham EL Sherbiny · 17 hours 28 mins ago

My websites are still down !
Their LiveChat is also offline.. (intentionally till they fix the issue do you think ??)

Lawrence Ip · 17 hours 32 mins ago

There latest tweet... Our network team continues working on repairs to our network architecture that will enable us to fully restore services for all customers.

Lawrence Ip · 17 hours 46 mins ago

Last time I had the exact same issue a few years back with Myriad Network. It seems that whenever there's a buyout or takeover, service goes down a few months afterwards. Just like any other business, the new guys come in and rock the boat. It's always best to leave them be. So it looks like I'm gonna have to take mediatemple off the list, as they are now owned by GoDaddy.

If your up for VPS or dedicated may I suggest WiredTree Hybrid with Lightspeed.

Arthur Hawk · 17 hours 47 mins ago

Lucky me... my dedicated site was just ordered 10 days ago.. I have time to ask for a refund so I can go with another host. Yippie!!! Been down for hours and will cost me $2000 today.

Errol St Clair Smith · 17 hours 49 mins ago

Euripedes, I'm not not much of a social media person. Typically, find that the signal to noise ratio is too low, too often. Was hoping this crisis might be an exception and would provide an opportunity for productive, constructive collaboration -- since we all have a common interest in finding a solution. Now we 're off talking about whether I'm a HG plant. If the case for legal recourse is strong and viable, I suspect it would take more than one person's opinion to derail the notion of pursuing a class action.. In any case, looks like this discussion is about to become unproductive. I didn't wake up today looking for a law suit or an argument. Just want to get back to business and need to find the best way forward. Peace my friend and good luck with your campaign.

Lenise Zika · 17 hours 51 mins ago

Both our shared site and vps sites are down. Ughhhh.

Euripedes B. Silva · 17 hours 59 mins ago

These guys can and should be held accountable, and to a level that exceeds the one month of free service tied to this outage.

Anyone interested in exploring, read the posts below for detail.

Karen Clark · 17 hours 59 mins ago

Was back up this afternoon and now it is down again? :(

Ross Evans · 18 hours 6 mins ago

@Mark - Its past your bedtime son. I understand you are upset your gamer site went down and you can't link with your friends on your Xbox. Now take it from the adult, pretending like you are one throwing words like "class action lawsuit" which you clearly don't understand. Night night before Mom catches you out of bed and on her computer.

@Euripedes - Well if you are dead set on it good luck. Personally I'm in cutting my losses mode which is where I think most people are. You can have my share for yourself ;)

Euripedes B. Silva · 18 hours 6 mins ago

No, Ross---I am proposing that customers contribute to fund an attorney to investigate the possibility of piercing the contractual limits that HG imposes. Shared costs on behalf of all customers, with the potential of getting something more than a fraction of a percentage of actual damages suffered.

Cheri Vanderheydt Searle · 18 hours 7 mins ago

I think everyone is just really pissed off right now so lets not turn on each other, HG is a bullshit company. I was with godaddy for 3 years and they gave me a free month for being down when i didnt even know it was down. I'm the stupid one... I should have never left them, was trying to save a buck;(

Ross Evans · 18 hours 12 mins ago

No Euripedes if anything I work for you, as I'm trying to save your time from being wasted on the futile mission. Your damages are your business losses today, lets exaggerate that and say you lost $10, 000 today as a result. You can spend the next 5 years and 10 times that amount of lawyers trying to recover it, even if you win it was a waste of time. What do you expect 1 million bucks or something?

Euripedes B. Silva · 18 hours 17 mins ago

Ross, do you work for HG? Your comment seems unusually quick to steer us away from discussion about seeking HG's sharing of customer damages.

Mark's "gross negligence" observation is EXACTLY the kind of element that my lawyer friend cited --- no matter what HG has in their contracts, if it can be shown that they damaged customers via by extraordinary negligence then there's a case.

Cheri Vanderheydt Searle · 18 hours 17 mins ago

I was a fairly new business and probably wont have any clients left if this is not up tomorrow by 8 am. Would love to seek council but unless we have enough interested, I probably can't afford to contribute. Will be interested if we get enough interests tho.

Mark W. Sahan · 18 hours 18 mins ago

I think this is at least a year of free service for this gross negligence. This kind of shit can drive our website businesses into the sewer. Years of hard work for this shit?

Albert Fazakas · 18 hours 18 mins ago

hostgator stil not working, all of my websites r down since last night :( anybody knows if they r making refunds ?

Susan Griffen · 18 hours 19 mins ago

i just got a liquidweb account - I hope it's better than hostgator. I have to wait for it to come up before I can move anything.

Keith Rowley · 18 hours 20 mins ago

I can't afford to have my sites up and down like yoyo's. This is TERRIBLE and the help chatline is also down. Gator service has been excellent - really excellent for me for the past year - WFT is going on?!!!

Lawrence Ip · 18 hours 21 mins ago

I have a VPS server with HG and have so for the last four years. This is no longer tolerable . Even though the support staff are fantastic, they are not the ones calling the shots when it comes to making high level decisions. I now have no option but to take my business elsewhere. I'd rather pay double what I'm paying now and have happy clients, than spend all day calming then down. Luckily for me I have kickass service agreements in place, otherwise I'd be sued for lost income. I'm looking at 'mediatemple'.

Euripedes B. Silva · 18 hours 22 mins ago

I want to make sure that discussion of "the business model" doesn't distract from my proposal that we collectively hire a lawyer to probe very carefully for ways to pierce HG's shield in terms of the real damages customers have suffered in what is now a 13 hour loss of service.

Ross Evans · 18 hours 22 mins ago

@Euripides - no one is suing anyone. If you have that much time on your hands you probably don't have the money to do it. Somewhere in the fine print covers them for crap like this. If everyone could sue them, they have probably caused more damage today than the company is worth so they would never be able to pay out anyhow. Completely moot point.

We will probably all get 2 weeks free to say sorry. Those of us who are smart, and value our business won't be around to accept.

Victor A. Simossis · 18 hours 23 mins ago

Dedicated server down for 13 hours now!!! Customers have no sites, email or anything! I am looking at Media Temple, iWeb and InMotionHosting. Anyone have feedback on them?

Mark W. Sahan · 18 hours 25 mins ago

Twice today. WTF? Hostgator over the years has shut my sites down for the smallest things. Now this?

Lawrence Ip · 18 hours 26 mins ago

I have a VPS server with HG and this is no longer tolerable and have so for the last four years. The support staff are just fantastic, alas they are not the ones calling the shots when it comes to making high level decisions. I now have no option but to take my business elsewhere. I'd rather pay double what I'm paying now and have happy client, than spend all day calming then down. Luckily for me I have kickass service agreements otherwise I'd be sued for lost income. I'm looking at 'mediatemple' .

Ross Evans · 18 hours 28 mins ago

@Errol it seems like a simple solution to me - find a webhost that charges a reasonable fee. As I've stated Liquidweb is what I am looking at. They cost more than Hostgator in every way. They will even charge me $100/hour to migrate my site. I'm fine with that.

If unfortunate if someone doesn't do their research and ends up with another crappy EIC company, but that is really their own fault. I'm not out to fix EIC and their model either, I'm out to fix my own webhosting.

i never was with Hostgator because it was cheap, I was with them because they provided flawless service for me for 3 year, then started to fall apart.

There isn't a solution other than to avoid EIC/Hostgator or deal with this crap.

Euripedes B. Silva · 18 hours 29 mins ago

I suspect that Errol St. Clair Smith is the HG rep in this forum sent to dampen discussion about seeking damages. It's inconceivable that HG is not covering this discussion and the logical extension is that they'd have someone like Errol make comment like the on just below.

Errol St Clair Smith · 18 hours 34 mins ago

Euripedes, the tech space is high risk... this sort of thing comes with the territory. What we all need is a way to limit the risk that is viable for small to mid-sized businesses. With all due respect, legal action is a distraction. Time suck with minimal upside. Need to keep eye on the ball...

Neil Farley · 18 hours 35 mins ago

Down again this morning... already migrating some sites over to another host... looks like other services need to maove over as well :(

Errol St Clair Smith · 18 hours 41 mins ago

Ross, the point is not "caring about Hostgator's problems, " It's about understanding the market dynamics to make better decisions and find a viable real solution. The pricing model of all of these hosting firms has been questionable to me. Low rates, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 live support -- doesn't add up. Understanding the market dynamics is critical to avoid jumping from one inadequate service to another. Someone announced earlier that they are planning to switch to Bluehost. not knowing that Bluehost is the same company is a potential liability. Just saying... we have a common problem here would be great if we could share information and insights and collectively find a better solution.

Euripedes B. Silva · 18 hours 41 mins ago

I talked to a lawyer friend tonight, been practicing in tech markets for 27 years and his feeling is that despite contractual limitations on HG's sharing of damages we're suffering those contracts have limits on the protection side.

Please contact me if you're interested in contributing, I want to move forward to ensure that, if nothing else, they don't continue with their cavalier attitude toward uptime, and communications with customers.

Vaperloot · 18 hours 46 mins ago

Our hosting service, Hostgator, is down again, and has been down off and on for the last few hours. We're keeping our eye on things and hoping this won't push back our site launch on Friday for invitations! Sorry #VapeFam

Euripedes B. Silva · 18 hours 47 mins ago

I'm guessing that our contracts limit their liability and I'm not sure this event rises to the levels required for a class action but I do think we should fund a legal specialist to take a close look at this situation to determine if there's cause for action here.

Reni Dimitrova · 18 hours 51 mins ago

My dedicated server is down as well, this is totally unacceptable. Shall they compensate us somehow for the loss of bsuiness???

Arty Draco · 18 hours 59 mins ago

@Cheri Vanderheydt Searle yes its been down this long before.
Its been down in August, was down again in November, down again in December and down again today. Their own website is on Softlayer so obviously thats fine. You can get it and pay for their crummy service but you cant actually use it!
@Ross Evans yes its the Provo data centre. Its obviously got absolutely no redundancy in place.

This section of their website is very misleading
All it mentions is Softlayer who are top notch and does not mention Provo who they moved us all onto without telling us the true details of what was happening. Before Hostgator sold out to EIG and allowed them to simply take their name and ditch everything else that made Hostgator our services were all on Softlayer. I never went down once during years of service. Since the move which has been what a year? Its constantly down. EIG wreck hosting companies. The support of Hostgator is just like being on Netfirms now which tells me its just one big company hiding behind the names of all the different established brands they purchased.

Ross Evans · 19 hours 1 min ago

@Errol - I couldn't care less what Hostgator's problems are. I don't run the company. Some advice, they might be smarter to charge me an extra 10 bucks a month and have me up and running than costing me more than their hosting is worth for a year in a day. That is a rather stupid model.

If they want to have 1 cent websites, good for them. Let them go down, not their business clients. Should be 2 separate models. The dedicated server guys are the bread and butter. The ironic thing here is my $4.99/month shared hosting account has been up all day, while my VPS has been down.

They aren't going to take our advice anyhow. Only way they will learn is when us rats jump from the sinking ship.

Cheri Vanderheydt Searle · 19 hours 5 mins ago

Wonder how long it was down in December. I have only been with them 4 months with a dedicated server and have been down 3 times just this month. Last night they told me they had to appy a patch so that this would never happen again. After the patch a client received 150 text message reminders for the same appt. for hours How embarrasing!!

Ross Evans · 19 hours 9 mins ago

From what i understand its the same crappy data center in Utah that crash on New Years of this year. Clearly they didn't learn anything from the first time such that it happens again in 4 months - and I'd be betting on what will happen in the near future to anyone stupid enough to stick around with them after this.

@Cheri - Yes they were down for this long on New Years. Didn't get as much attention because almost no ones business is running then. I've had 10 service interruptions in just 4 months of 2014 with them.

Errol St Clair Smith · 19 hours 10 mins ago

Have been drilling down for a better understanding of the problem. Hostgator is owned by EIG. The company is publicly traded so much is available on its financial condition. Google EIG and Hostgator and draw your own conclusions. one important note -- EIG owns other hosting companies besides Hosgator --including Bluehost and iPage. Different brands, same company. I understand the feelings of frustration and helplessness. I feel the same, but what's needed now is reliable information and a contingency plan. The question is, are the economics of these sorts of hosting options sustainable? I suspect all are pretty much operating with the same market demand and competitive pressures. Already seeing that though the brands are different many are going through the same data centers

Prices are insanely low to drive subscriber growth. Can the service level we all want be maintained at the rates we are paying? Hostgator used to offer great service. Is the model breaking down?

If so, what are the real solutions for small and mid-sized business to manage this exposure? Crowdsourcing some ideas on this would probably help us all more than just sharing our troubles.

Arif Ali · 19 hours 11 mins ago

It is just terrible down time. I am client since last 7 years. It is time to say good bye

Euripedes B. Silva · 19 hours 19 mins ago

They've damaged us in the North American market and now, as we move into early morning European time, we'll start to see the destruction of relationships there.

STILL no concrete information about what's going on. These people need to be taken to school---and to court, for damages.

Herb Meehan · 19 hours 31 mins ago

It's been over 11 hours... Surely they must know what they are working on now. We'd really LOVE to know. This is such a nightmare. THE worst thing to happen to anyone that runs a site and has users/customers depending on you.

Dos En Punto · 19 hours 34 mins ago

ok, bluehost, hostgator, hostmonster, justhot, etc etc etc (many others) are the same company: EIG. They buy good hosting companies to just riun them... so people having nice chats with all of them will have the same experience. Do your research first.

Cheri Vanderheydt Searle · 19 hours 41 mins ago

Jay... Calm down, breath... Tell them the truth, give them constant updates, that what i've been doing all day. There is nothing more you can do... STAY CALM FOR YOUR CLIENTS!!

Jay Meehan · 19 hours 54 mins ago

My dedicated is down as well... CLIENTS ARE ANGRY! Anyone looking to signup to hostgator DON'T!!

My issue with i have 3 dedicated and a shared server with them i need to move.

Hostgator was great a few years ago but over the past 12 months they have dropped staff, response times for support are pathetic and the general service is unacceptable.

I don't know the reason for the massive decline in service but I guess it's executives wanting more cash for themselves. WAKE UP!!!!! soon you won't have any.

Ioannis Syrigos · 19 hours 57 mins ago

It is unbelievable, and they still do not know when the issues will be fixed. We have started the process of getting new servers. We have one dedicated and 2 VPS with them and more than 70 sites are down for half a day now... If the bankruptcy is only rumours, the number of lawsuits that they are going to get after this, will take them to bankruptcy anyway..

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