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Having Problems with Accessing Bpiexpressonline.com?
▼ LAST 12 HOURS ...
Hermis Paypa Mangkikis · 1 hour 39 mins ago
· · Chrome 43.0 on Android

Because of trillanes issue

▼ LAST 30 DAYS ...
Joan Calipay Saguban · 18 April 2016 - 03:42
· · Chrome 49.0 on Windows

why i can't open pbi online at chrome... This site can’t be reached. please help me to fix it

Paula Elaine SimBulan David · 7 April 2016 - 05:12
· · Chrome 48.0 on Android

Cant open my bpi online even i have net even sa web ayaw what happen

Robert Espiritu · 5 April 2016 - 12:59
· · Chrome 49.0 on Windows

Can't connect using my home PC. Was able to connect via PC at work. Anyone have any ideas?

Allan Ramirez · 25 March 2016 - 11:57
· · Chrome 49.0 on Windows

been down since yesterday. Doesn't this bank have any on-call IT guys?

Eun Racha · 25 March 2016 - 09:20
· · Safari 9.0 on iPhone

Can't login. Thru app & browser. Down on a Good Friday

Christian Lipana · 25 March 2016 - 08:47
· · Safari 9.0.2 on Mac


Griffith Abarte · 25 March 2016 - 07:02
· · Chrome 49.0 on Windows

Just when you need to pay for a room booking online, the site is not working. Now I need to wait until it works and rebook again. Hope I still get a cheaper room rate.urg! What a waste of time.

John Sokol · 25 March 2016 - 06:10
· · Chrome 49.0 on Windows

BPI website down for two days...and then have the temerity to email me a reminder saying I haven't paid my credit card bill. I would pay it if the damn website was up occasionally. Really the most appalling service.

Johner Soriano · 25 March 2016 - 01:29
· · Chrome 49.0 on Windows

BPI down on Good Friday ! A public holiday. Perfect timing ! Come along and get your act together.

Ruth Gaco Sac · 19 March 2016 - 17:08
· · Chrome 28.0 on Android

Can't access. Y?

Princess Galura · 18 March 2016 - 09:11
· · Safari 6.0.5 on Mac

cant access BPI online!

Verna Cooksey · 11 March 2016 - 16:26
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

Attempt to select "Login" option from PC IE Browser get the following message "Error: CommerceServer2002's Administration database is not accessible, access to site is denied temporarily". Attempt to login using app on iOS and get Error 37100 "Log out first and log in before making another transactions".

Jho Facundo · 11 March 2016 - 16:11
· · Firefox 45.0 on Android

Cant access.. it shows error logging in. Log out first and log in before making another transactions. How can u log out when there is no account opened?? Plsssss answer

Michael Davis · 10 March 2016 - 04:59
· · Firefox 44.0 on Windows


Marius Dejess · 22 January 2016 - 08:07
· · Firefox 43.0 on Windows

Now Bpi has this gimmick: when you login correctly, just the same it will blame you with this error message:

You had 3 invalid attempts. For your security, your access to BPI Express Online has been disabled. If you have forgotten your password, please click 'Reset Your Password' and activate in any BPI ATM.

I did already two resets, the first one was good for I think only three logins, then the same error message appeared again.

So I did another reset, this time nothing works anymore, except the error message by which I am blamed for entering three invalid logins -- but I just did one login and that after having done a password reset.

Now I can't access my Bpi webpage, and I have to access it everyday and several times a day; I wonder when this problem will clear up.

I am writing from the area of the Heart Center of the Philippines, Quezon City.

Kath Medina Santos Rebutazo · 17 December 2015 - 02:55
· · Chrome 30.0 on Android

my husband payroll is last dec 15, now its dec 17 we can't still withdraw it. He call his office and said the payroll was already transfer last dec 15 and they said the bpi has system error. Please fix this asap!

Bassco Marcial · 5 November 2015 - 14:27
· · Firefox 41.0 on Windows

Website Name:
bpiexpressonline.comURL Checked:
437.56 ms.Response Time:
5 days 4 hours agoLast Down:

Yan Yan · 20 October 2015 - 12:02
· · Safari 9.0 on Mac

i need to pay my credit card online and the website is still down.

Dear Valued Client,

BPI Express Online is currently unavailable to service your online banking transactions. Please try your access after the system refresh or maintenance activity.

For your reference, there is a daily system refresh every 10:00 PM (Manila Time, GMT +8), which may take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. We also conduct other maintenance activities outside of the daily system refresh. Click here to view the schedule of activities.

If you have urgent banking needs, you may call our 24-hour Contact Center - BPI Express Phone by dialing:

Marisol Verallo · 19 October 2015 - 10:24
· · IEMobile 11.0 on Android

Why can't I access my account? I'm in the east coast and it says fatal error?*

Kervs Lopez · 2 September 2015 - 19:00
· · Chrome 44.0 on Windows

Now it's totally down, geez

Kervs Lopez · 2 September 2015 - 17:38
· · Chrome 44.0 on Windows

Still not working via website or mobile

Marcial Dave Valdez Lapitan-Pascual · 2 September 2015 - 16:37
· · Chrome 44.0 on Windows

Still not working

Miko Bagadion · 2 September 2015 - 16:02
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

Not working. It has been down for hours.

Don Rowell M. Bustamante · 11 July 2014 - 16:37
Philippines · Globe Telecom · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Need to check my account. Why is it down?

Edward Joel Matic Picones · 4 July 2014 - 18:07
Mexico · AxtelB. de C.V. · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

its down again 07082014 0907 Hrs

Earl Estrera · 5 June 2014 - 06:24
Philippines · Smart Broadband Incorporated · Chrome 34.0 on Mac

once logged in and you try to pay you are immediately logged out. Been trying to pay for almost 2 weeks already. Also getting this message alternately :

Dear Valued Client,

BPI Express Online is currently unavailable to service your online banking transactions. Please try your access after the system refresh or maintenance activity.

For your reference, there is a daily system refresh every 10:00 PM (Manila Time, GMT +8), which may take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. We also conduct other maintenance activities outside of the daily system refresh. Click here to view the schedule of activities.

If you have urgent banking needs, you may call our 24-hour Contact Center - BPI Express Phone by dialing:
89-100 (Metro Manila area)
1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (where available)
International Access code +632 8910000 or our International Toll Free Numbers

We apologize for the inconvenience.


BPI service sucks. When you call 89-100, their teleservice always says there is nothing wrong with it.

Edwin S. Escanillas · 20 May 2014 - 09:27
United Arab Emirates · Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJS · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

web login failed. downloaded the app from play store and was able to login successfuly. hope this helps...

Allan Lenon Cura · 19 May 2014 - 01:52
Libya · Libyan International Telecommunication Company · Firefox 28.0 on Windows

I've been trying to access the site since Fri, May 16, 2014 but it is not working. Their Advisory states that the problem is intermittent, but looks like a permanent thing. :-(

Eddy Gomez · 19 May 2014 - 01:47
Philippines · Philippine Long Distance Telephone · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

May 19, 2014, 4:44 PM. Cannot connect to BPI Express Online. Jeez...

Allan Lenon Cura · 18 May 2014 - 23:26
Libya · Libyan International Telecommunication Company · Firefox 28.0 on Windows

Already sent them several e-mails but to no avail, not even just the courtesy of replying back to acknowledge.

Tierra Marie Magracia · 18 May 2014 - 18:33
United States · CenturyLink · Safari 6.1.2 on Mac

cannot access bpi website.. bpiexpressonline seems always offline!!! grrrrr

Alex Jude Lim · 18 May 2014 - 16:57
Australia · Telstra Internet · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

By the way BPI IT Support if you do get the chance to read this, I can go to the BPI homepage but I can not login. I am an IT professional so if you want to simulate the problem please click the 'Personal Login'.

Oscar R. Reyes · 18 May 2014 - 16:47
United States · Comcast Cable · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

What the heck is going on ? bpiexpressonline.com is again done since yesterday. Can't BPI IT Group do something about it ? This is becoming a regular occurrence. I guess BPI has a very weak IT personnel or is it just the antiquated equipment ?

Alex Jude Lim · 18 May 2014 - 16:34
Australia · Telstra Internet · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

I am in Australia and I still can not access my BPI account online. I saw an advisory dated 16May that they are encountering intermittent system availability. It is already the 19th and I can not believe that they have not resolved this issue. Our kind understanding is nothing if we can not do transactions which could end up us loosing some money.

Mark Wency Olaya · 18 May 2014 - 06:13
Philippines · Smart Broadband Incorporated · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

I could not access the bpi online... no advisory from them...

Rosemarie Cometa · 16 May 2014 - 22:35
Philippines · Globe Telecom · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

I can't access my online banking since yesterday, May 16.

Allan Lenon Cura · 16 May 2014 - 22:02
Libya · Libyan International Telecommunication Company · Firefox 28.0 on Windows

I think the site is down, see the BPI advisory here: https://www.mybpimag.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1081&Itemid=1246#May16

Sherwin Delos Santos · 16 May 2014 - 20:42
Saudi Arabia · SaudiNet · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

is it down? can access BPIexpressonline now. May 17, 2014 11:43am

Bhel Annan · 16 May 2014 - 07:45
United Kingdom · Virgin Media · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

are they going to do something about this? gggrrr

Oscar R. Reyes · 26 April 2014 - 04:54
United States · Comcast Cable

I know I'm not alone. I'm currently in NJ-USA, trying to access my accounts @ www.bpiexpressonline.com for the last 5 days. wrote 2 mails to their customer care e-mail address but it took them 2 days to reply. their reply ? "Under Maintenance" Their IT Group doesn't know what they are doing. Finally, it was back on line yesterday @ 4:00 PM ET. Thanks for a very slow response.

Henry Lopez · 25 April 2014 - 03:41
United States · Comcast Cable

cannot access my bpi account for several days now, bpi should post a number we can call from abroad. this should not go on, minutes maybe but not days. whats wrong with you BPI.

Kaye Pineda · 25 April 2014 - 02:47
United States · Comcast Cable

I have been trying to transfer to another BPI account from my personal account since yesterday. But I cannot go thru. this is the second day that I am trying it. What is happening? I'm here at Washington.

Alexis Cheng · 25 April 2014 - 02:29
Japan · Open Computer Network

BPIExpressOnline.com is down here in Tokyo right now 4/25/2014, 5:28PM Manila Time.

Jenalyn Ignacio Hughes · 25 April 2014 - 01:27
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

not working for 3 days now whats wrong BPI in your online banking abroad i know its working in philippines but not abroad.please fix problem ASAP.

Josephine Quintero · 25 April 2014 - 00:00
Australia · Telstra Internet

I am a partner overseas of BPI remittance and the IT people keep on telling me that it is working but I have been trying for many hours now.

Rachel Hansen · 24 April 2014 - 22:38
Sweden · Com Hem AB

Pls fix this problem asap, we have dependents back home waiting for our financial help and they need it badly, thanks

Rosanne Aguila · 24 April 2014 - 22:15
Belgium · Telenet N.V.

i have been trying since yesterday and no luck! the service is mostly down when i needed it the most... this is ridiculous!!! fire the IT guy I suppose???

Teddy Revilla · 24 April 2014 - 22:00
Australia · Telstra Internet

I cant access my account for 4 days now to. I have telephoned my branch in the philipines and they have informed me that the site is working. This is not true. I also tried ringing the toll free overseas number but they are not working either. I tried to get my brother to ring the Philippine domestic toll free no for BPI customers and they are not working too. BPI, whats wrong with YOU!!!

Estilo De Moda · 24 April 2014 - 18:49
Australia · Telstra Internet

could not access my account for 4 days now

Dick Diederix · 24 April 2014 - 13:20
Netherlands · Ziggo

Can't acces for 2 days..

Chester Lechadores · 24 April 2014 - 08:07
United States · Time Warner Cable

Been down for me for the past 3 days..WOW. i guess i have to open a Metrobank account now too tsk tsk tsk

Emily Vera · 23 April 2014 - 21:07
United States · Comcast Cable

Can't access my account, WTH is going on.

Nathalie Clarissa Burger · 23 April 2014 - 11:29
Germany · Telefonica Germany

can't access the website for 2 nights now. hayyyy :(

Le Iaish · 23 April 2014 - 10:55
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

Wish they inform me by email rather than wasting my time trying to get through for the rest of the day! A bad customer service!

Sheryl Lyn Black · 23 April 2014 - 09:11
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

cannot access bpiexpressonline.com down for 2 days now

Mankan Digiman · 23 April 2014 - 03:02
Sweden · TeliaSonera AB

Is the service not working from abroad?

Sirk Hant · 13 February 2014 - 18:08
United States · YHC Corporation

please fix the online system, some people need to transfer money.

Hattori Hanzo · 13 February 2014 - 17:32
Philippines · Smart Broadband Incorporated

Yes it is Down ! as usuall from 10:30PM - 10:00 AM hehe

Jhune Gaspa · 13 February 2014 - 16:56
Philippines · Globe Telecom

Bpiexpressonline.com is DOWN

Marlon Mo · 13 February 2014 - 16:44
Philippines · Network Services IBM Australia


Danny Intal · 22 December 2013 - 15:30
Philippines · Globe Telecom

if you have a choice dont use BPI their site or atm's are always down they are a horrible bank service provider

Conciso Christian · 12 November 2013 - 20:11
Philippines · Bayan Telecommunications Incorporated

cannot access for 2 days now, didnt receive any advice from bpi

Bhong Tuazon Bondoc · 12 November 2013 - 18:21
Philippines · Philippine Long Distance Telephone

guys maybe because it has something to do with the outpouring of support from concerned people donating to yolanda victims... "maybe"

Edison Bullido Sasoy · 12 November 2013 - 17:27
Philippines · Globe Telecom

Been trying to connect since yesterday evening 11/12/2013 until now cannot access 11/13/2013 9:26am ... -:(

Camille Afurong · 12 November 2013 - 10:01
Philippines · ANS Communications

I've been accessing it since this morning as well and still can't go through

Jeremy Robles · 11 November 2013 - 22:28
Philippines · Philippine Long Distance Telephone

anybody from bpi working on this? been trying to connect online since this morning.

Alex Jasse · 11 November 2013 - 21:27
Philippines · Bayan Telecommunications Incorporated

can't access bpi's website today. tried to access bpi on my phone, it's also not working

Cesar Olegario · 11 November 2013 - 21:09
United States · Cox Communications

Could not access bpi online for 3 days now

Aileen Acenas · 11 September 2013 - 21:00
Philippines · DigitelOne

shit bpi is offline anywhere!

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