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Having Problems with Accessing
Leah Skern · 20 April 2016 - 19:28
· · Safari 9.0 on iPhone

Can't get on with app can go on through main site have deleted reinstalled changed passwords still no joy

Alan MacLennan · 20 February 2016 - 16:31
· · Firefox 44.0 on Windows

Down again, absolute disgrace, when it comes back up you have no cash out option, sort it out Willie Hill, shocking

Alan Price · 20 February 2016 - 15:31
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

Bloody down again. WH get your act together PATHETIC!!!

David Coombes · 13 February 2016 - 08:56
· · Safari 7.0 on iPad

Cant login, it just keeps freezing when i hit login button

Tom Eckersley · 19 January 2016 - 13:26
· · IEMobile 9.0 on Windows Phone

Can get onto William hill site ok on mobile and can select race etc but when I try and get into race details it keeps saying loading error. My connection is fine, why won't it work?

James McGarry · 22 December 2015 - 07:00
· · Safari 8.0 on iPad

Down during loading

Simon Cooper · 8 November 2015 - 13:25
· · Chrome 42.0 on Windows

william hills website has become rubbish . it is always down and is again now the third time in three weeks . going to go to corals

John Grafton · 17 October 2015 - 15:53
· · Safari 9.0 on iPad

Had trouble two weeks running now and new site is not as good as the old one, been betting with Ladbrokes all day!

Judith Page Was Heaton · 17 October 2015 - 15:44
· · Safari 8.0 on iPad

I'm struggling to log into William Hill app, my user name & password are correct. :@

James Harrison · 17 October 2015 - 15:23
· · Safari 9.0 on iPad

Williamhill app keeps saying cannot connect to server and my details are wrong :-(

Steven George · 10 October 2015 - 14:45
· · Safari 9.0 on iPad

It is a lousy what I am going to do and that's withdraw and switch sites!!

Greg Williams · 10 October 2015 - 14:45
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

Saturday afternoon and no inplay football ... really!!!
Sort it out !

Paul Dean · 10 October 2015 - 14:28
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

Got my bets on earlier, was looking to cash out, time to look for another betting site.

John Scott · 10 October 2015 - 14:27
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

Please use some of your massive profits to employ someone who knows how to keep a web site running. Terrible service

Andrew Whitehouse · 10 October 2015 - 14:22
· · Safari 7.0 on iPhone

2 of my 4 footy teams have scored early goals then I got thinking there will be no chance to cash out later if needed. Come on will hill sort this out boys.

Sean Whelan · 10 October 2015 - 14:17
· · Safari 600.1.4 on iPhone

How long it goin be down a joke doin maintence on Saturday afternoon

Leon Dowling · 10 October 2015 - 14:03
· · Safari 9537.53 on iPhone

Same here.. No login, invalid username/password. Unreal like. Missed a few winners already .. Sick to the back teeth

Andrew Whitehouse · 10 October 2015 - 13:59
· · Safari 7.0 on iPhone

Must be costing them an absolute fortune being down so long on a Saturday. Can't believe it.

John Erskine · 10 October 2015 - 13:52
· · Safari 7.0 on iPad

80 minutes it's been down now, missed putting bet on rugby, and not getting my football acc on now either...!!!! Shambles

Rob Wbafc Johnson · 10 October 2015 - 13:30
· · Chrome 34.0 on Android

Sick of problems with this site. Theres always something. This time its cant log in bad gateway or some crap. Last week was freezing on main page

Speedy Ali · 28 September 2015 - 00:00
· · Safari 8.0 on iPhone

I'm trying to log in but it's not letting me .. Is anyone else having this problem ??

Gary Dempster · 21 April 2014 - 06:27
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

William Hill took £5.00 stakes from me for a £1.00 bet and for a 50 pence bet! Their response was to award me £2.00 compensation for an £8.50 theft.When I challenge them they then quoted me terms of use... which include loss of power, however this doesn't appear to have affect their capacity to still accept bets! or for punters to deposit to their account! What a rip off...

John Kitching · 20 April 2014 - 13:15
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

has anyone else still got bets still to be settled from earlier today?

Damon Clarke · 20 April 2014 - 12:01
United Kingdom · Tiscali UK Limited

w hill is not back online as person said previously. This is peoples MONEY. They should have more respect for their customers, have a back up system in place. Disgraceful.

Billy Neilson · 20 April 2014 - 11:46
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

w/hill is back online iv just put a bet on the barca game, my bets that won have not been settled yet, but i can use the site

Charleen Mccaffery · 20 April 2014 - 11:33
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

this is unexceptable, was on fone to william hill also and no time frame as to wen it will be up and running again, i hope il be free bet!!

Viet Nguyen · 20 April 2014 - 11:19
United Kingdom · TalkTalk

missed my everton bet, fuming & angry, they always does this when they're having a bad day, all the fav teams winning that why

Jamie Beadle · 20 April 2014 - 11:19
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

Yep - accept all the cash in comments - BUT - this is peoples real money - same as a BANK - and they should have an alternative datacentre site to failover to in these events - its standard practice for financial institutions. Basically the site that manages the publics money (like a bank) - should be HA (Highly available) and not go down when a datacentre connectivity is lost. - it is a joke

Craig Miller · 20 April 2014 - 11:11
United Kingdom · BT

to do gooding twats people can vent bit o rage about service if they feel they need too, we aint hoping the fire killed people, so get aff yer soap box pc do-gooders reason ye canny fart but its offends people.. jog on!

Rob Lowery · 20 April 2014 - 11:00
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

cash out offers fack all unless all your slections are winning anyway... stop sniping for a free bet... people could be dead ffs

Glenn Waker · 20 April 2014 - 10:56
United Kingdom · ScanSafe

Unable to cash out on football bets, not very good when they always advertise this service on TV, will be putting in a complaint

Rayna Hardy · 20 April 2014 - 10:55
United Kingdom · BT

for those wanting refund on not being able to cash in your bet here is william hills official response "Although we try to offer it often, its a discretionary service, sorry" so basically - Jog on customers

Derek Langford · 20 April 2014 - 10:55
Ireland · Vodafone Ireland Limited

A f#!king disgrace. Had the opportunity to cash out, but not available, not good enough !!! Time to take my business elsewhere.

Horses Courses · 20 April 2014 - 10:44
United Kingdom · BT

lol @ some people, there are plenty of other bookmakers you can use both high street and online, I hardly think they could control a Power plant fire, or any fire for that matter. Have a bit of compassion, there is a possibility people could of been hurt etc, am sure if you have a complaint regarding a bet they will see it right.

Jamie Beadle · 20 April 2014 - 10:42
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

Nice DR /BCP in place - happy to provide consultancy in this space if needed - what a joke - any Financial institution would never get away with this - the FCA /PRA / FSA would be all over them

Liam Cook · 20 April 2014 - 10:38
United Kingdom · BT

Not happy, got about 5 bets on that I want to cash in on, if any of them lose in the final games i expect a payout for the price i could of cashed in on. Not happy!

Patrick Fullick · 20 April 2014 - 10:29
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

had a treble up on the football cant do f#!k all else but wait hope we get some free bets

Billy Neilson · 20 April 2014 - 10:29
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

William Hill In-Play @WillHillInPlay
UPDATE: The Gibraltar powerplant blew up. Our services are backed up, but GibTelecom has gone down as a result. Still working on problem.

Mark Wilkins · 20 April 2014 - 10:18
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

To all the people bitching on about cash ins have ever heard of betfair and actually laying your bet... just a thought

Steve Williams · 20 April 2014 - 10:15
United Kingdom · BT

I agree with the tax dodging comment Decent company would have a back up plan... IN OUR COUNTRY! Just had to make a 20 mile round trip to get my night bet on!

Wesley Shipley · 20 April 2014 - 10:06
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

@tompage went on their website, well googleit clicked the link and tried to click log in and thats when it came up

Rob Lowery · 20 April 2014 - 10:00
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

the site is down because of a massive fuel explosion. I don't think you can bitch about william hill on this occassion. cash-in is bollocks anyway... who cashes in winning bets?

Natalie Watson · 20 April 2014 - 09:59
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

well William hill have lost me bet for me even thou I tried cashing it in while the arsenal match was still playing before everton had even kicked off !! always a fault with this site lately x

Tom Page · 20 April 2014 - 09:55
United Kingdom · TalkTalk

anybody have an update ? All my bets came in today and need to check balance :)

Carmine Sozio · 20 April 2014 - 09:52
United Kingdom · BT

shit, I can't cash in up... Offaly Siviglia win or I am in shit I can't lose a accumulate bet of 90/1

Mike Burton · 20 April 2014 - 09:48
United Kingdom · BT

cant log in to william hill does any one no if cash in our accounts and open bets are safe?????

Wesley Shipley · 20 April 2014 - 09:39
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

says on website it will be restored at 07.00am so guess we are all going to have to suck it up and wait!

Alan Price · 20 April 2014 - 09:38
United Kingdom · Tiscali UK Limited

As a Gibraltar based company William Hill must use the Rock's Barbary apes to maintain their website!!!

Ricky Davies · 20 April 2014 - 09:29
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

regardless of the issue, this site is a bag of shit, betfair is 10 times better, i have 4 bets that cant even think of cashing out on. f#!k the fire i want my money haha

Alan Price · 20 April 2014 - 09:25
United Kingdom · Tiscali UK Limited

as one of the countrys leading online bookmakers, it's pathetic that such a company exploit their customers with such a poor service. Today's occurance really tops it all. The website has been performing very poorly of late. No investment seems forthcoming, and yet you charge customers to watch online racing. William Hill get your act together before you lose more customers.

Mark Bradbury · 20 April 2014 - 09:23
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

Try they use same live casino based in latvia and similar odds on other sports.

Craig Wright · 20 April 2014 - 08:45
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

if they were not such a bunch of tax dodging bastards and had there offices in the uk where most of there clients are then this shit wouldnt happen, and when you on live chat how many philips jeans margarets nigels do u think live in india or pakistan

yes back on let the betting begin, and a free £20 bet for good measure thank you my william kill

Tom Page · 20 April 2014 - 08:38
United Kingdom · TalkTalk

Ladbrokes, William Hill and Betfred have all confirmed their services have been temporarily shut down by the fire.

How is this in their control? People lives could be in danger and you're all moaning that you can't cash in a bet ?

Paul Contraco · 20 April 2014 - 08:33
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

just when I was about to cash in my bet... oh whatever you shud av cashed in earlier... the site is down get over it things happen in life... they are tryin to sort it

Steve Williams · 20 April 2014 - 08:30
United Kingdom · BT

I have actually saved money... but that's not the point is it? There are so many poor features on this site for such a prominent bookmaker. Get some decent web planners!

James Guyett · 20 April 2014 - 08:24
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

Rob Griffiths · 20 April 2014 - 08:18
United Kingdom · Orange Home UK

Chill out, its easter Sunday, i dont suppose many of you are working so why should William Hill?

Peter Dielissen · 20 April 2014 - 08:18
Canada · Rogers Cable

It is the GB telecom that is down - so no access to the WH website or servers...

Cameron Walters · 20 April 2014 - 08:17
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

How long until it's back on? I can't even cash out because I can't get on the damn website! -.- any compensation for this?

Craig Wright · 20 April 2014 - 08:16
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

COO at Gibtel says the explosion caused a power surge that took out 2 of their 3 backups. A recovery is coming asap

Joseph David Cameron · 20 April 2014 - 08:09
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

As soon as i can get on i'm withdrawing all my money and never coming back

Craig Wright · 20 April 2014 - 08:08
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

William Hill In-Play @WillHillInPlay 18m
UPDATE: The Gibraltar powerplant blew up. Our services are backed up, but GibTelecom has gone down as a result. Still working on problem.

Mārtiņš Klucis · 20 April 2014 - 08:02
Latvia · SIA Lattelecom
realy? office on fire? :D

Mike Radley · 20 April 2014 - 07:55
United Kingdom · BT

Phoned them an hour ago, still down, Easter Sunday and web site down! off to PP, they give yo free bets at least

Gary Crossland · 20 April 2014 - 07:50
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

Main site and mobile sites are down still, for the last hour or so at least...

Geoff Hall · 20 April 2014 - 07:49
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

office on fire ?? I dont really care as long no one is hurt
Have they heard of a disaster recovery plan !!! useless

Martin Clay · 20 April 2014 - 07:44
United Kingdom · BT

I bet you get no luck when saying you were trying to cash in a bet. Happy taking your money, but not giving it back.

Martin Clay · 20 April 2014 - 07:41
United Kingdom · BT

God the William Hill site is rubbish!! Months of late bet settlements, footy bets disappearing and now I can't cash out or place a bet... WTF!!!

George Flannigan · 20 April 2014 - 07:41
United Kingdom · Three

william hill poker isnt working either, was sitting 2nd in a tournament aswell, not happy

Jared Ryan · 20 April 2014 - 07:41
United Kingdom · BT

takes the piss had to switch to paddy power but still missed a big winner! This is appalling

Craig Ferguson · 20 April 2014 - 07:39
United Kingdom · BT

Me tae, my bet is likely to have lost now, wanted to cash in ages ago and it crashed. Im jacking them in too, last bet they will ever get from me as they will just tell anyone who complains to poke it.

Malcolm Norman · 20 April 2014 - 07:39
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

From Billy Hill twitter : William Hill Betting @WillHillBet · 25m
Please be aware that all services are currently down. We are aware of the issue and we are working extremely hard to fix it. We do apologise

Jac Borthwick · 20 April 2014 - 07:36
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

disgrace im done with hills im closing my account after this... it always happens when u want to cash out its theft...

Mike Davies · 20 April 2014 - 07:19
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband

As much as im pissed off the site is down im glad its not just me, thought I was being hacked ! LOL

Rayna Hardy · 20 April 2014 - 07:18
United Kingdom · BT

their site in Gibralter is on fire, thats why its down their offices have gone up in flames, them, betfred and betfair

Vicky Sharman · 20 April 2014 - 07:17
United Kingdom · TalkTalk

cant check my bets... know im winning... want to cash out but cant... 100% complaining if i lose as i can not cash out!

John Mawson · 20 April 2014 - 07:12
United Kingdom · Virgin Media

been trying to cash out for a while now, it has been very slow to work for a few days now, i think its time for a change, sadly

Charlene Harrison Laverack · 20 April 2014 - 07:10
United Kingdom · BT

Yep down for me too, always when you want to check cash in, why is the website always hit and miss. Useless.

Voice Tutor · 20 April 2014 - 06:47
Norway · NextGenTel AS

homepage refuses to open after freezing in casino. william hill radio works but no other page currently opens?

Becky Loftus · 14 September 2013 - 03:30
United Kingdom · Tiscali UK Limited

page keeps having to be recovered as not responding happening between few minutes to ten mins even when using the page

Vuk Vukanic · 27 August 2013 - 07:10
Serbia · TELEKOM SRBIJA a.d.

I have problem my sng is start running but i cant play something is wrong with server!!

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