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Force a full refresh for the site. This can be achieved by pressing CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.)

Try alternative urls such as ubisoft.com

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Having Problems with Accessing Ubi.com?
▼ LAST 24 HOURS ...
Guillermo Pérez Andrades · 19 hours 2 mins ago
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

I can't acces to AC Rogue

Dwight T. Malone · 1 day 16 hours ago
· · Chrome 30.0 on Android

I can't access black flag on Xbox one. It worked up until yesterday morning.

Gianni Cerbone · 1 day 22 hours ago
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

I can't access assassins creed unity

▼ LAST 30 DAYS ...
Marsh Pu · 29 January 2016 - 16:49
· · Chrome 47.0 on Mac

Watch dogs online gameplay ave. waiting time: unknow.

Utheya Chelvan · 29 January 2016 - 12:05
· · Safari 9.0 on iPhone

Wtf, can't connect to watchdog online decryption

Marcelo Gonçalves · 29 January 2016 - 02:16
· · Firefox 43.0 on Windows

i can't registe far cry 4 on my account whts going on?

Robert Donnelly · 28 January 2016 - 17:22
· · Chrome 48.0 on Windows

i cant access the division beta i have pre ordered it and got my code and it says cant connect at the moment

Viktor Vološin · 28 January 2016 - 06:43
· · Chrome 28.0 on Android

I Just buy assassin's creed unity yesterday and i Can not write the code because of that ******* ubisoft server

Erik Adamko Jr. · 26 January 2016 - 11:56
· · Chrome 47.0 on Windows

I can't put my f#!king activation code because the servers are down . FUCK UBI

Christo Griesel · 25 January 2016 - 15:23
· · Chrome 42.0 on Windows

i cant connect to the severs on the crew for xbox 360 so im stuck in free mode by myself

James O'Brien · 25 January 2016 - 12:35
· · Firefox 33.0 on Windows

I have brought heroes VI and i dont even want to f#!king play online but i cant even put my activation code in at uplay because it says ubisoft server is down

Ben Kelly · 19 January 2016 - 13:57
· · Chrome 47.0 on Windows

Servers has been up and down for the past hour. Cannot finish a game of Rainbow Six Seige without losing connection to servers.

El Conosco · 19 January 2016 - 12:53
· · Chrome 47.0 on Android

The server is down and I lost some renown for rainbow six...thanks ubi.

David Calvo · 18 January 2016 - 02:12
· · IEMobile 11.0 on Android

Down here in Tennessee right now.Trying to play Rocksmith,and all my other non ubisoft games can connect.Rocksmith just stays on "Connecting to Ubisoft server"

Tony Bratcher · 17 January 2016 - 05:10
· · Chrome 47.0 on Android

wow... so WAS playing the crew on my 360, suddenly everything starts lagging, and then it tells me servers are down.... REALLY glad i didnt waste $60 on this when it came out.... now regretting wasting the $17 i spent on it used

Joe Hodson · 16 January 2016 - 18:47
· · Safari 8.0 on iPhone

Just paid for the full game of siege, fully installed the game completed the first situation with 3 stars and nothing else is playable, can't access a new situation, multiplayer or ubisoft club

Adam Crinson · 16 January 2016 - 15:51
· · NetFront 3.15 on PlayStation 4

My the crew game wont load past logging onto servers screen

Gail Terrett · 16 January 2016 - 15:36
· · Firefox 43.0 on Windows

Can't access Ubisoft - check MY connection?! Every other website works! Get your sh*t together Ubi!!

Holly Lake · 16 January 2016 - 06:34
· · Chrome 34.0 on Android

Application isn't letting me login???

Cameron Bryannt McCurry · 15 January 2016 - 04:09
· · Safari 9.0 on iPhone

Haven't been able to play the crew since January 1st I mean come on this is ridiculous get your shit together

Danny Seti · 14 January 2016 - 00:37
· · Safari 5.0.2 on iPad

Rainbow six siege server down right now?? Anyody else having problem server connection error???

Josue Valencia · 3 January 2016 - 03:41
· · Chrome 47.0 on Windows

IDK Why I need this service to tell me it cant connect to play a game I bought on Steam.... ????

Konstantin Eszeha · 3 January 2016 - 00:02
· · Safari 9.0 on iPhone

Rainbow six nearly always Running Bad als f?!k.... Please get that done. Didnt get Points After a Match...

Robert Gijsbertse · 2 January 2016 - 18:44
· · Safari 8.0 on iPhone

Have problema the whole day , winning matches but dont get the points. This is f#!ked up

Cees van den Broek · 1 January 2016 - 17:30
· · Firefox 43.0 on Windows

"ubisoft service is not available at the moment''
when whil it be fixt

Colton Beav · 29 December 2015 - 11:32
· · Chrome 47.0 on Android

This is getting ridiculous I can't login into the crew haven't been able to since Sunday they sure do take our money fast but once it comes to fixing something they take there sweet time with it and they probably won't do anything to make it right even though we're missing the summit so tired of the stuff these gaming companies pull

Krozky Novano · 27 December 2015 - 15:37
· · Firefox 43.0 on Windows

"ubisoft service is not available at the moment"
great..waiting for almost 12 hours and this happens...

Angèle Bourgeois · 27 December 2015 - 06:35
· · Chrome 47.0 on Windows

To add to what I just said: You"ll never be as good as steam, please give up this attempt and software security, let the companies who know how to do it, do it, and step back into the role of creating good gamer software.

Angèle Bourgeois · 27 December 2015 - 06:26
· · Chrome 47.0 on Windows

First off, I find it incredibly inconvenient that you demand that we log onto ubisoft software, when I already have steam to validate my purchase. Now, I've taken the time to log on and register my account, and can't log on? Honestly, for such a big company, you can do better. I have limited access to the internet and have to transport my entire computer set up to get a few things done online. Now, I'll have to be downloading cracks so that I can play the games that I bought from you. Thanks, I'll be sure to remember this next time I see one of your games on sale via steam.

Dan Zajaczkowski · 19 December 2015 - 05:53
· · Safari 9.0 on iPhone

Can't play can't log into Ubisoft club on my Xbox one!!! I get a message: your connection to Xbox live has been lost when I'm on Xbox live!!!

Chris Beardshaw · 16 December 2015 - 18:08
· · Safari 9.0 on iPad

Problem on the Farcry 4 season pass website, as it just keeps reloading then after a few tries it sort of 'gives up'

Colton Beav · 14 December 2015 - 02:54
· · Chrome 47.0 on Android

Keep getting kicked out of the crew Error code#4_b9ba9057_0 and it has said a couple other ones

Matthew Hardin Chapman · 2 December 2015 - 16:04
· · Chrome 42.0 on Windows

Trying to play my Assassince creed games on my new Windows 10 PC, just reinstalled them and getting a Service is not available. come on please.

Christopher Kitchens · 18 November 2015 - 17:03
· · Chrome 46.0 on Android

You must remember France was attacked,Parliament can access all sites on the net if they notice anything that has any info on it about terrorist activity.also how many died that worked at ubisoft,good ?.frustrating as you all may be give time to think about the attacks a little.not everything is always OK on the net or servers.

Ted Esteve · 17 November 2015 - 19:09
· · Chrome 38.0 on Android

When I try to access Kenway's fleet in AC BlackFlag, I get a message that the Ubisoft server is not available at this time. I've not had this problem until recently.

Elvijs Grauditis · 9 November 2015 - 15:51
· · Chrome 46.0 on Android

Cant register asassins creed unity 2 days in a row now,it just says ,,ubisoft server not available,try again later,, WHEN LATER? NEXT YEAR,MAYBE???? This is a disgrace for a huge company like ubisoft to have problems with keeping online services up.and i dont even want to play online,just let me play the damn game,which i paid for,without having to login to the crappy online bullchit.what a ripoff

Joseph Soulas · 8 November 2015 - 21:20
· · Chrome 34.0 on Android

Got watchdogs,first had trouble with the starting the game,fixed that,now im stuck on the screen,"please wait while we connect you to ubisoft servers",please help and im on ps3

Austin Caudill · 3 November 2015 - 20:26
· · Chrome 46.0 on Android

Hi, I just bought The Crew from the Xbox Store and when I went to play it the was an error that occurred (error #0_10) and that was on the screen where it tells you to press any button. I have tried numerous times and this always happens.

Stephan Schenk · 14 October 2015 - 19:15
· · Firefox 41.0 on Windows

Hallo Kollegen von Ubisoft,

ich habe mir gerade über STEAM ein Spiel von Euch gekauft. Ich kann aber nicht spielen, weil die Server unten sind. Und nun?

Stephen Aubrey · 14 October 2015 - 19:01
· · Firefox 41.0 on Windows

Yeahhh one of the few times I'm able to sit down with a game, I can't even activate it. Uplay = time (I don't have) + money (I don't have anymore) - enjoyment. C'mon Ubi, let's get our act together and support in the most basic fashion those who support you.

Svilen Penchev · 12 October 2015 - 18:55
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

This is not a server, this is a disco - up and down, up and down... all night. Good job, Ubi.

Patrick Roy · 12 October 2015 - 18:29
· · Firefox 41.0 on Windows

Trying to play From Dust via steam (which needs uplay because... reasons?) and nothing.

Noel Pach · 10 October 2015 - 06:58
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

same here cannot login to ubisoft server on "the crew" gives error #0_35 no issues with my internet connection

Joseph Campbell · 10 October 2015 - 06:45
· · Chrome 45.0 on Android

Cannot play "The Crew", cannot connect to login. Internet is fine. Anyone else having this issue?

Tim Finle · 7 October 2015 - 02:59
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

This sucks, can not play because the stupid server won't register my game that I paid for. Ubisoft is crap

Natasja Kenny D'Haemers Versompel · 2 October 2015 - 19:53
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

just bought settlers 7 but it says servers down for 2 days now :'(
I hate Ubisoft it's more down than up!

Moritz Lowen · 29 September 2015 - 17:39
· · Firefox 40.0 on Windows

I want to enter the might and magic VII key code but it doesn't work : "ubisoft server is not available".
What should I do?

Karan Singh · 14 September 2015 - 13:56
· · Android Browser 4.0 on Android

Hi everyone i purchased watch dogs when i enter activation key/cd key it says " ubisoft server is not available at this moment try later"

Carlos Sanchez · 12 September 2015 - 16:55
· · Firefox 40.0 on Windows

i go to login an it wont let me , server down but it shows here its up .

Earl Michael Van Citters · 12 September 2015 - 16:03
· · Firefox 39.0 on Windows

i go to login an it wont let me , server down but it shows here its up . so what is it up or down or what

Jennifer Bennett · 11 September 2015 - 14:37
· · Silk 3.68 on Kindle Fire

Played c s I Daly update now it won't lode what a ripoff never again this is lowdown of Ubisoft don't think I'll use this site again

Matt King · 9 September 2015 - 23:54
· · Firefox 40.0 on Mac

AC3 is not working for me either. Going on 3 days now. This is getting little out of hand.

Philip Coleman · 9 September 2015 - 23:09
· · Firefox 40.0 on Windows

AC3 not working again? I have beed trying to play AC3 for 2 days and on 3 different consoles and it just spins and spins at the connecting to ubisoft server screen for ever, right now makes 2hrs it has been doing it

DjandJenni Russell · 6 September 2015 - 23:03
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

assassins creed 3 and it just spns and spins at the connecting to ubisoft server screen for 20 min

Nathan R Willis · 4 September 2015 - 18:14
· · Safari 8.0 on iPhone

Trying to play assassins creed 3 and I'm having trouble with game connecting to the ubisoft server. Is there an outage

Alex Shiva Botez · 3 September 2015 - 12:03
· · Chrome 43.0 on Windows

my assassin creed unity won't start and uplay won't recognize my game anymore, it also vanished from the list of games. the server is down when i try to start uplay, it tells me that the service is not available for the moment.

Mark Dees · 1 September 2015 - 19:10
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Apparently the servers for ANNO 1404 are out, since both the auto-patch and online profiles cannot connect to them. This has been going on for the past 12 hours from the moment of writing this post

Arild Raasholm · 1 August 2014 - 04:52
Norway · Telenor Norge AS · Chrome 36.0 on Windows

I am not able to purcase the guillotine edition of ACU. When I have typed in all the creditcard info, and agreed to everything. I click next, and a page pops up and says the server is down!! Please help, if someone else have had this problem!!

Christina Elise · 21 July 2014 - 06:33
Denmark · TRE-FOR Bredbaand A/S · Chrome 33.0 on Windows

cant play Far Cry 3 online.... connection error to ubisoft servers....

Corey Robertson · 14 July 2014 - 21:18
Australia · Telstra Internet · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Cant seem to log on to UPlay online to play the games i have brought. What is wrong?

Lasse Østergaard · 4 July 2014 - 12:17
Denmark · Syd Energi Bredbaand A/S · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

why is it down i have downloaded assassin´s creed and i cant play it, i pay for the game so come on

Filipe Sanches · 29 June 2014 - 23:25
Brazil · Vivo · Firefox 30.0 on Windows

Can't play Anno 2070 because ubi server is down, does anyone know why this is happening?

Kenny Quenzer · 29 June 2014 - 11:15
United States · AT&T U-verse · Chrome 37.0 on Windows

When I try to create a new account I receive an error stating that a Ubisoft server is down. How do I get past this?

Daniel Hilton · 21 June 2014 - 06:40
Australia · Telstra Internet · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Just got Anon2070 on steam and cannot play as i need an account, cannot make an account continuously getting error that ubi server is unavailable?...

Michael Robey · 2 June 2014 - 17:43
United States · Cox Communications · Safari 7.0.4 on Mac

WatchDogs update is down and we can't play until it is up. It says to try again later. All other games are working fine.

Tomas Silva · 30 May 2014 - 08:29
Portugal · TVCABO Portugal · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

They posted a tweet saying that the problem was solved and that online game was going to be available.... I don't think so

Eric Wong · 30 May 2014 - 07:24
Hong Kong · Hong Kong Broadband Network · Chrome 32.0 on Windows

Got a feeling that Ubisoft is gonna screw up The Division with this kind of bull

Sebastiaan Koch · 30 May 2014 - 05:24
United Kingdom · Verizon UK Limited · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

wtf, waiting a couple days now. just need one online trophy b4 platinium on assassins creed black flag. thanx to UBISuck

Lolindir Fox · 29 May 2014 - 15:06
United States · AT&T U-verse · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

ubisoft servers unavailable, in watchdogs can't add friends servers must be overloaded with watchdogs users time to get more servers ubisoft

Victor Ruiz · 29 May 2014 - 14:25
United States · AT&T Internet Services · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

You guys know we can just go offline. You can still play single player.

Sonny David · 29 May 2014 - 13:23
Netherlands · Ziggo · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

WTF is this shit i pay F#!KING 30 bucks for this shit?
I buy a game on steam only to see your f#!king company show op telling me i need to login into your f#!king unstable server that a 5 year old can make please ubisoft mass murder youre self

it cost me 2 hours of attempts to play far cry 3 to activate on your server like u own my game where i payd for like yes fair and no succes it took me 3 minutes to crack your bitch and play the game so yea f#!kyou ubisoft f#!k you

Adrian Farruġia Turban · 29 May 2014 - 12:49
Malta · Melita plc. · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

It takes 3 minutes of trial and error to get past failed sync with the cloud, then once i actually pressing continue, app says not responding at 85% of bar

Monique Gibb · 29 May 2014 - 10:23
United States · Comcast Cable · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

How annoying its down right now, kind of wanted to play before the husband comes home and takes over Watchdogs. I can't even do that WTF

IntoThe Abyss · 28 May 2014 - 13:16
Romania · RCS & RDS · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

WTF is going on UBISOFT - you are big company(I suppose) cause I don't see any improvements

1.The Uplay is just pure S.H.I.T.Tell me..why do you even created if you didn't take time to make it run properly, is constantly keeps on giving errors and better "no connection/server down".In Uplay when I press Uplay store/shop and than I go to "Help" it sais that "Uplay support/help" is not working or "servers are busy".
2.UBISOFT fix this, I mean WTF is wrong with you.Thats why STEAM and Origin are always in front of you.Even Origin is working better with no errors even when Battlefield 4 came out, Origin was working just smooth but you, always gotta be something.

STEAM - Gods of Gaming
ORIGIN - Copy/Paste from steam but with great connection
UPLAY - an game engine that is not even working properly.

PLEASE CLOSE UPLAY if u do not take it serious and fix you're SHIT

NOTE**I don't know who got the most money cause as far I can see STEAM&VALVE are the best, I know they have a lot money but YOU - Ubisoft, come on you have plenty of money you have the best games of the last years, so how comes that u have the worst game engine and also the most shitty connection.Fix IT + OriginEA is very well organized.

WORK ON IT!...on what...on UPLAY!!!

Do you're job that u supposed to do.STOP sleeping GOD Dammit!!
Or better hire someone else to work on Uplay cause until now I cannot see any improvements.

Yannick Beaumont · 28 May 2014 - 10:31
Belgium · Telenet N.V. · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

They better fix more toilet paper on the office because they really have to clean up this shit. Down 24/7

Nick Dhondt · 28 May 2014 - 09:08
Belgium · Telenet N.V. · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

cannot access ANY ubisoft page. uplay keeps on telling me it can't connect to the internet although everything else works.

Ubisoft, what a load of bullshit. Not only is it impossible to even install the bloody game (Watch_Dogs) but your service in general sucks!

Aurora Von Thesse · 28 May 2014 - 08:35
Poland · Orange Polska Spolka Akcyjna · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

No way... server down again. how is it possible that such a big company cant get rid of the problem for more than 24h?

Matthew Collins · 27 May 2014 - 17:09
United States · Comcast Cable · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

@Michael Weir
UBISoft isn't the problem in the sense you and everyone else is stating.

No no the real problem is every f#!king game that couldn't wait to turn Watch Dogs into Call of f#!king Battlefield games and do nothing but go online and just shoot everyone, exactly like they did with GTAV.

Instead of playing the actual game, and doing missions.. what did gamers do... NOPE lets just play Call of Battlefield in GTAV ignore the game and missions and just go snipe everyone.

Developers need to be smarter and force people to play the entire game before even being allowed to go online.

That way this shit wouldn't be happening.

Natalie Sara Walker · 27 May 2014 - 14:15
United Kingdom · Virgin Media · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

I've been waiting for this game for ages, and now I can't even go online! WTF! Come on Ubi sort it out.
Dean Halford

Garrett M Cooper · 27 May 2014 - 12:49
United States · Time Warner Cable · Chrome 35.0 on Mac

I pre-ordered the game over a year ago. AND NOW I CANT EVEN LOG IN TO PLAY IT!!!

Curtis Mason · 27 May 2014 - 12:48
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

What a joke this is! Can't even log in, just give all your right's to steam and shut up shop. They know how to handle the demands

Colin Hooper · 27 May 2014 - 12:44
United States · Continental Broadband Pennsylvania · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

To Paul Brondos: I know steam works very well. I'm a long time user of steam and I've never had a game on there fail like this one. However I'm assuming Ubisoft would have used their own servers whether they distributed through steam or Uplay either way. In which case the problem would still be on Ubisoft's end. Also when you say Preload are you referring to the linux program? I'm not very familiar with the software but I thought it was a tool that used markov process to predict the future. I'm not sure how that would help predict how many people are going to buy a game by release day since you need previous data to begin with...

Brandon Percia · 27 May 2014 - 12:41
United States · Comcast Cable · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

"Found a fix for mine, uninstall Uplay just by deleting (not uninstall) all the files in \Program File (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\ Go to your Steam folder or whereever the ubisoft installer is for you, and set compatibility windows 7 and administrator launch for everyone switches and re install, hope this works for you" Thank you poster, this is what did it for me.

Jay Lopez · 27 May 2014 - 12:35
United States · XO Communications · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

Well I was looking forward to getting home after work and playing WD a bit but I guess that's not happening. This explains the 4 games GMG just gifted me.

Paul Brondoš · 27 May 2014 - 12:28
Czech Republic · Telefonica Czech Republic · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

To Colin Hooper: Nope on Steam it happens hardly and the answer is simple: PRE-LOAD!

Andrew Sherlock · 27 May 2014 - 12:23
United Kingdom · Virgin Media · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

Can't log in to Uplay.
Should have gone with the Pirate Bay I guess...

Colin Hooper · 27 May 2014 - 12:19
United States · Continental Broadband Pennsylvania · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

To simply answer everyone's concerns, no it is not that easy to predict server load on a release for a major game like watch dogs. It's hard enough to predict how many orders there will be because a lot of people pre-order the game within a week of it's release if not the day before its release. If you think a company can calculate server load, purchase and install/implement servers in that small amount of time then you are wrong. I'm an IT specialist. Just hang tight everyone and give it some time. This happens a lot with game releases and it probably would have happened on steam too because it has nothing to do with the software that manages the game, it has to do with the companies servers themselves.

Samuel Leonard · 27 May 2014 - 12:06
United Kingdom · BT · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

As usual just when you want it most for instance a quite a popular game has recently been released called Watch Dogs (just a little fact) and you go to play on the online features the Uplay servers that it relies on are down. That's not going to be good for the reviews. Would of thought that Ubisoft would of prepared itself for something like this but the situation could be seen like the predicament RockStar had with GTA 5 it was so popular even the extra servers they purchased might of not been able to support all the players.

Mike Bojeczko · 27 May 2014 - 12:00
Canada · Sentex Communications Corporation · Chrome 34.0 on Windows

Went out last night, last minute to buy this game at a midnight launch. I have the Hard Copy of the game and still can't play it until I can activate the code this is absolutely absurd.

Cory Drysdale · 27 May 2014 - 11:50
United States · AT&T U-verse · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

first time with digital downloads for a new game... will be my last. Give me the damn cd over this crap anyday. Been trying for 2.5 hours and no connection

Frank Riezebos · 27 May 2014 - 11:50
Netherlands · Online Breedband · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

It's not only UPlay. I've bought the game twice. One preorder at a local store and the other on a webshop where I'm told I'll get a key of the game directly. But nope... They can't sell it today and the webshop has Polish keys so blocked by Ubisoft... Unfortunately I must now make time and efforts for refund.. >:( And now I see why Steam is so expensive. They can deliver yay ^^

Tom Marien · 27 May 2014 - 11:48
Belgium · Telenet N.V. · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

dammit it took me 3 hours to get me in to uplay now its finally
stupid ubisoft why not using steam god damn why you dumb motherf#!kers! get youre shit together it better be working fine after its installed.. in belgium i now can use uplay again...

Jordan Lee Webb · 27 May 2014 - 11:31
United Kingdom · Sky Broadband · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

I've managed to get onto Uplay and am currently downloading. I hope everyone else is having the same luck! :)

Sadius Hunter · 27 May 2014 - 11:29
Australia · Primus Telecommunications · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

Hue, of course Ubisoft loves to f#!k customers, Steam is right there Ubisoft, they are doing well and don't go down that often, you should use that

Bradford Alden Adams · 27 May 2014 - 11:29
United States · Cox Communications · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Found a fix for mine, uninstall Uplay just by deleting (not uninstall) all the files in \Program File (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\ Go to your Steam folder or whereever the ubisoft installer is for you, and set compatibility windows 7 and administrator launch for everyone switches and re install, hope this works for you

Jimbo Arnold · 27 May 2014 - 11:25
United Kingdom · Virgin Media · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

This is ridiculous. Is it really that hard to do a little bit of math to predict the server/server's usage requirements! Taking into account the number of pre-orders/redeemable codes and sales. If that is seriously too big of a feat, how about that old phrase... expect the unexpected. Ubisoft has now lost customers, loyalty and a whole lot of respect. Pathetic!

Stefan Fitze · 27 May 2014 - 11:25
Switzerland · Bluewin · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

First I Need to almost kill my Firewall, then finally I get Connection for a second, just helped me to create a f... account. and now ubi is down... thats very low Service Level ...

Daniel Sams · 27 May 2014 - 11:22
United States · Cox Communications · Firefox 29.0 on Windows

When pirates have been playing for days but no one who bought the game can play on day 1. And the people complaining are called 5 year olds for wanting the product they purchased to to work? Paul Van Der Wel go die in a fire.

Paul Van der Wel · 27 May 2014 - 11:19
Netherlands · Ziggo · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Can u girls please stop bitching like 5 yo that cant have a candy, New game, ALWAYS problems All big name games had the same, Give them time to fix it ffs

James Barrett · 27 May 2014 - 11:18
United Kingdom · PlusNet Technologies · Chrome 35.0 on Windows

Is everyone here to ignorant to realise by now that Ubisoft are probably being DDos'ed because thats the reason the servers are down. Ubisoft can't do much about some asshole kiling their servers.

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