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Having Problems with Accessing Pogo.com?
Donna Lynn · 14 April 2014 - 21:13

Repeatedly getting this error message (tried both Chrome and Mozilla):
Web Page Error

The web page couldn't be shown because of an internal error.

How to Fix the Problem:
Unfortunately, since you have encountered this error because of some server problem on our end, there's really nothing you can do at this time to correct the problem. Your best bet is to try again later.

Myra Ann Moore · 19 April 2014 - 13:26

we cannot get QWERTY or CROSSWORD COVE to activate... some other games ok.

Donna Lynn · 14 April 2014 - 21:13

Repeatedly getting this error message (tried both Chrome and Mozilla):
Web Page Error

The web page couldn't be shown because of an internal error.

How to Fix the Problem:
Unfortunately, since you have encountered this error because of some server problem on our end, there's really nothing you can do at this time to correct the problem. Your best bet is to try again later.

Amber McIntosh · 12 April 2014 - 08:57

logged in fine, but games are loading extremely slow and I'm a paying member.

Linda Rush · 11 April 2014 - 15:08

I have not been able to play any games in weeks. I can log in but can not play any games . I am going to give it up and go to other free games on the internet

Marilyn Tooley · 11 April 2014 - 07:23

I am a club pogo charter member... why can't I connect with the games today?

Amber McIntosh · 9 April 2014 - 14:14

cannot play any games on pogo pretty much all afternoon.

Virginia Streckfus · 9 April 2014 - 10:16

Pogo down ? seems like over an hour, whats up?

Darlene Catherine · 9 April 2014 - 09:58

Pogo is down sooooo much lately

Gwyned Trefethen · 9 April 2014 - 09:29

Pogo is down on both Safari and Firefox for the past hour. I keep getting the error message "Our server is busy, please try again later."

Elaine Sanders · 9 April 2014 - 09:16

what is wrong with pogo it has been down more than up lately

Dolly Marshall · 9 April 2014 - 08:41

I am unable to get on Pogo this morning. I played last nite (Tuesday) without an issue.

Robin Ryerse · 1 April 2014 - 14:30

I feel much of Pogo's poor response time and application failures are due to their attempts to subvert or override the interupt handlers built into the user's operating system. Their programs try to accomplish multi-tasking (e.g. chat and game play) at the application level. When the pseudo multitasks get out of synch the application fails

Gail Mackey Clayton · 30 March 2014 - 11:39

I haven't been able to get on Pogo for two days now and everything is fine on my computer. Is anyone else having problems? If the servers are too busy then maybe they should cut down the "Free" rooms so the ones who pay CAN get the page to load.

I can get on the site but can not get any games to load.

Gail H. Ferrone · 25 March 2014 - 10:15

Yes my Pogo stated this AM it was DOWN for maintinence, and now can get the site, but it is for new people to sign up and pay. I'm not there /or points. What's up?

Gwyned Trefethen · 25 March 2014 - 07:47

Pogo has been down on both Safari and Firefox ever since the Tuesday maintenance. It has been six hours. I am told that Pogo's server is busy.

Sofware Fixas · 25 March 2014 - 06:31

As of right now and since approximately 3am Pogo servers are down for maintenance. Whoever the IT guys at Pogo are, they arent doing a good job, especially for players who pay $40/year for the service. They keep changing the interface for games, and then pogo and java compatibility issues have been around for years now.

Kathleen B. Street · 25 March 2014 - 06:06

I was able to log in, played the crossword puzzle, clicked on home and got the "oops, something is wrong' message. That was 2 hours ago and I still can't get past the log-in page!

John Marks · 25 March 2014 - 05:56

how can pogo be busy what is there problem, how can I get a refund I had it with pogp

Jerry Clough · 25 March 2014 - 03:36

Pogo.com is up, but only for guests. I am a member and cannot sign in

Dannie Goodman Burton · 25 March 2014 - 03:34

This site states it is down but I am getting error at Pogo stating they are down and try back later. Others are playing so it is not normal tues maint.

Emma Denyer · 25 March 2014 - 03:28

says site is up but we can't log in at all.

Jane Milbee · 24 March 2014 - 11:46

I get in and start a scrabble game but then about 2 minutes in to the game I get and error message that says I'm not in room. Any help here??

Molly McBride · 20 March 2014 - 14:02

Pogo has now been down for DAYS! Knowing Pogo they won't be offering any of the paid subscribers a refund or bonus of any sort. No, wait, maybe they will offer an extra 2000 tokens! This is just pure crap.

Douglas Theman · 18 March 2014 - 19:19

Pogo is Temporarily Unavailable
We are updating and improving Pogo. This scheduled maintenance typically takes an hour.

It's been like that for hours. :(

Kiley Orndorff · 18 March 2014 - 14:46

Pogo is telling me it's down for maintenance, but it's been down for hours. Is anyone else having this problem?

William Staab · 12 March 2014 - 07:33

POGO is down as of 1:30am March 12, 2014. HOW RARE... NOT

Gerry Elbert Miller · 9 March 2014 - 13:55

Games are freezing. I want my money back!!!

Karen Hayes · 5 March 2014 - 10:06

I've been trying to get on Pogo.com for hours and it will not load but all my other websites load instantly... do you know what the problem might be?

Jackie Sullens · 4 March 2014 - 15:30

Go to pogo click on your profile it refreshed it self and my tokens and everything started working again.. could not tell pogo as they have shut off all chat and help about it.

Barb CaPaul · 4 March 2014 - 13:36

POGO down for the last 3 hours says its a Global Systems error ya right i paid for this service i'd like to use it when ever

Janet Miller · 4 March 2014 - 12:14

I love that this site says Pogo is up so the problem must be mine. Shows you how useful this site is. Pogo is down. You can open the site, but not play the games, or at least any games I tried

Linda CP · 4 March 2014 - 11:57

the system is up but theres a message saying they're investigating instability issues. i haven't been able to see my tokens or load any games all afternoon

Katherine Moir · 4 March 2014 - 11:53

"We are investigating some system instability on Pogo at this time."
This is the quote from Pogo right now that I copied from the site. Not good, it's been a number of hours too.

Gloria Smith · 4 March 2014 - 11:50

yes i cant even see my ratings.. hope they are not lost forever

Marybeth Lucier · 4 March 2014 - 11:40

"We are investigating some system instability on Pogo at this time." is what i get on the website. --Not working

Raymond Cesarz · 4 March 2014 - 11:26

High stakes pool unavailable due to web site failure

Jay Jackson · 26 February 2014 - 11:24

Pogo is working across my Verizon connection now. Their repair person said they had an "outage" affecting some websites. Hopefully it is working for everyone now.

Louise Campbell Nash · 26 February 2014 - 08:42

I just got off the phone with Verizon. After an hour of troubleshooting, they finally told me there was an outage in the Texas vicinity that was affecting the internet, and it should be fixed in the next 24 hours. It would be nice!

Elizabeth Tressa · 26 February 2014 - 06:25

I have been unable to connect to pogo.com this week. "Connecting" just goes on and on... I've tried different browsers and even different computers. I can backdoor some of the games, excluding board games like Scrabble and Monopoly. Anyone else? Suggestions?

Louise Campbell Nash · 26 February 2014 - 05:58

I am in the Dallas area and also have Verizon. Pogo is still down on both my iMac and Macbook. I have the new OS Maverick installed on both. Ironically, I downloaded an app for my iPad from Firefox to play Pogo on the iPad, and am able to access Pogo on that. Weird!

Donna Miller Hubert · 26 February 2014 - 05:05

3rd day Pogo down yes Verizon is our provider

Kathy Weishuhn · 25 February 2014 - 17:25

Verizon is my provider in Texas. I have 2 computers, one old one on XP and a new one on 7. Pogo working on the XP, not working on the 7... recent updates to 7 were loaded, wonder if that is the issue?

Jay Jackson · 25 February 2014 - 15:13

For the people having problems with pogo in Texas: Is Verizon your internet provider?

Elaine Rooney · 25 February 2014 - 10:31

Pogo seems to be down in Certain parts of Texas

Jana Beauchamp Bradley · 25 February 2014 - 09:42

haven't been able to load pogo for 2 days

Lee Cofran Shanklin · 25 February 2014 - 09:42

Glad to see it's not just me. What's going on? I haven't been able to get on for two days now.

Madeline Bowers · 25 February 2014 - 09:34

I can't get the webpage to connect for two days now!

James Stewart · 25 February 2014 - 09:07

Haven't been able to connect for 2 days.

Barbi Laffitte · 25 February 2014 - 08:09

Pogo has been down for two days here. Only says "waiting for pogo.com"

Louise Campbell Nash · 25 February 2014 - 06:55

Pogo has been down on my mac and macbook for two days. I have tried Firefox but it won't work either. Is the issue with Apple?

John Patete · 2 January 2014 - 22:44

Think it has come time to start a class-action suit against POGO/EA. This is NOT we all paid for.

Salvadore Zaccone · 2 January 2014 - 20:31

This isnt pogo's fault a hacker group called derp is doing this to ea's servers bragging look on twitter "derp"

Kate McNeill Paquin · 2 January 2014 - 20:23

Been a member for over 7 years and it just keeps getting worse. Its so wrong there is nothing we can do

Samantha James · 2 January 2014 - 20:19

mine is tryin to load on the backdoor site but wont fully come up i want to play pogo ;(

Wolf Angel · 2 January 2014 - 20:12

Down again! Seems to be happening all the time lately time for pogo to fix their site...

Amy Childress · 2 January 2014 - 20:00

You all have no patience, do you? Just go to bed and do something else, til it comes back up. Chill out people

Rosemary McMurphy · 2 January 2014 - 19:54

Naturally, Pogo will say that it was our computers, not their site. Nothing is ever their fault!

Donna Marie Mercier Lawson · 2 January 2014 - 19:48

Hopefully pogo is watching these comments and doing its very best to get us all back on line... My league has members waiting to play

Samantha James · 2 January 2014 - 19:46

i just resigned up yesterday and now server is down today im really unhappy i love pogo games and badges and i want to be able to get back in to any game soon please

John Patete · 2 January 2014 - 19:32

POGO been having DNS issues for a week. Been kicked out lately, no connection errors... hope they get this fixed, or they can refund my payment

Heather Young · 2 January 2014 - 19:22

I think I read on Pogo news there was going to be an outage for site maintenance I think this is the date

Mary Mcneill · 17 December 2013 - 09:22

pogo stay messed up for weeks, no human to contact, using the internet is a joke. my husband and myself both pay each year for terrible service. I can't play scrabble, my favorite game. can't do the challenges, just a mess

Kathleen Maclean · 12 December 2013 - 16:30

I paid for this site and can't get on it please help or I am going to get my money back.

Joyce McLaughlin Gordon · 8 December 2013 - 06:54

Pogo is having some major issues right now! When I go to play the daily challenge, I am logged out and play as a guest with 1000 beginning tokens, or any game for that matter. And when I open pogo to begin with my internet explorer thing pops up and said IE is not running and to close the program. When I click on my friends list... it takes me back to the log-in screen. And....I really don't like how difficult they make it to get customer support. I may just have to find a new game sight and forget pogo altogether.

Karen Kreitel Cossette · 5 December 2013 - 20:47

I cannot get pogo to come up on any browser since sometime yesterday (12/4). I've even updated to windows 8.1 trying to fix it. HELP

Robert Fox · 13 November 2013 - 13:54

cant get to any pogo games. i get a java error message and it times out. but i have the current version of java.

Barbara Bronson · 13 November 2013 - 13:45

Please help me, I have been trying for months to cancel my two promotional Pogoos One is for $5.99 and the other is for $15.00 Still cannot figure how you managed to do that one. Years ago I beonged to Pogo.In order for your taking the money out... I could not cancel then either. We had to litreally change banks to make you stop charging us.I belong now to Pima Feder Credit Union and they said the only thiing they can do is cancel out my husbands debit and visa card and wait 7-10 days for new cards. This would cause a real hassle for us. My email is bbronson@comcast.net Please cancel me immediately

Joseph Sunderland · 8 November 2013 - 08:25

keep getting the patch that says pogo hasnt verified the java agreement and have to run the pogo tm patch on nearly every game, also a vast amount of freezing and slow card transmition leading to a lot o booooootin, ? where have all the players gone!!!

Janet Dare · 6 November 2013 - 11:26

I can play games but not scrabble.. loads but I click on a square and the arrow shows up somewhere else. anyone else have this problem?

Joe Mac · 2 November 2013 - 03:05

well just completed the daily summit game and of course when I reached my goal it didn't give me credit happens way to often-seems like the used car salesman stick-once they got your money they don't know ya

Laura DeWitt · 5 October 2013 - 18:21

since yesterday afternoon, server issue, not able to load any games.

Sandra Presber · 3 October 2013 - 08:57

2 days without being able to access pogo website. upgraded java but still not able to get in...:( :(

Barb MacFadyen · 3 October 2013 - 08:53

Pogo has been down here since yesterday evening when I checked. Now nearly 9AM following morning and still down...

Earlene T Cooper · 3 October 2013 - 06:13

This is the first time in 7 years that I can not get on, but it also day 2 and no end in site. My sister is in the same boat. Two days no Pogo and I talked her into signing up. CRAP

Joan V. King · 2 October 2013 - 17:01

Have not been able to get onto the Pogo site all day. It is now 4.58 pm, and I started trying at 8 a.m Yet my bridge partner who lives 15oo miles away from me is accessing Pogo with no problem!

Laurie Hutton · 2 October 2013 - 15:46

AAK cannot reach Pogo here either been trying since 8 am this morning it is now 3:45 pm what's up Pogo?

Sandra Rowley · 15 September 2013 - 21:11

I have not been able to access any games for several hours now. The number of players on-line has been 15, 855, 632, and has not changed since earlier today. I have cleared temporary cache and cookies, as well as hit "refresh" and nothing seems to help.

Judy Jenson · 10 August 2013 - 11:53

unbeliveable, im down more then on -- i love pogo. BUT i do not understand why they dont get fixed. ive been trying to replace them with some other site but cant find anything i like as well. that is when its working. i see their customers have droped off considerably -- what a shame, guess someone doesnt like making money. they have the best graphics of anyone. REALLY BAD DEAL

Pauline Libutti · 20 June 2013 - 07:22

a problem with webpage won't load game, i can get on sight but game won't load, i have ie10. whats up

Cindy Downey · 8 June 2013 - 07:19

Pretty darn good paying to play n won't up load ! Either fix it or i'm canceling my script. Sick of this want to be reembursed.

John Price · 21 May 2013 - 16:31

They took my money TODAY and now I cant get in. Just get "page cant be displayed". Either they refund me or I sue - I HATE being robbed.

Johanne Lachapelle · 21 May 2013 - 07:16

cannot reach pogo.com... always shiows the page "le site pogo.fr n'est plus disponible"... when clicking on pogo.co, nothing happens

Marlene Kaim · 18 May 2013 - 11:17

I cannot get into pogo & have a membership, they will not get anymore of my money with these ads

Lucinda Covino Lickver · 14 May 2013 - 09:13

What the hell is going on with POGO? I think there is something wrong with my computer, NO, it's not my computer, it's POGO. We pay for this service, we should be refunded...

Mike Thomas · 24 April 2013 - 18:47

every time I try and log onto pogo.com the computer screen just rapidly blinks in and out.

Cindy Desmond · 21 April 2013 - 11:39

What I don't get is you can get into the free games but the paying members can't get in! Hope they fix this quick

Constance Steffen Bonser · 11 April 2013 - 10:21

I can connect to PogoUK but not Pogo.com. What's up with that? I live in the US.

Sue A McKinney · 4 April 2013 - 06:11

I have not even been able to get to pogo for a day & 1/2. Won't even connect to it at all.

Martha Dudley · 16 March 2013 - 20:29

Pogo account will not download. Same as last night. If my payment if due, please let me know how to make payment again. it's been an automatic draw for several years

Susan Tierney · 10 March 2013 - 15:43

Pogo down for me. The only game I can play is Mahjong for some reason...

Sheila West · 10 March 2013 - 15:30

Pogo's down. But I gotta say, normally Pogo runs very fast for me. But then I have a new computer and blazing fast internet speeds... I definitely get my money's worth on a normal basis. I think 90% of the problems must be user error because I play every single day and normally don't have any issues.

Greta Wilson · 23 February 2013 - 06:44

I can not get on to club pogo I sign in and it leaves me on sign in page

Andrew Eide · 15 February 2013 - 04:55

Pogo is NOT working... has been stalling and locking up for a week. How difficult is it for a game hosting site to keep their games running?

Claire T Dunn · 18 January 2013 - 09:45

My ISP is in perfect working condition.. Pogo's response that it must be me is BS. Lately.. games freeze.. the download shows half the screen... the games load like its 1980... and then i can't get into the site at all ! I want a refund ! No way will there be any renewal money going their way if this isn't patched right away !

Willard C Smith III · 15 January 2013 - 02:48

Pogo isn't like it used to be. It's slow and it goes down way too much. My renewal isn't happening this summer!

Desi Harman · 15 January 2013 - 02:21

Its Tuesday they do their maintenance this time Tuesdays.. will be back in an hour. Pogo is a great sight.. most of the issues they have are Java related

Wheatley-Denny Michelle · 1 January 2013 - 16:52

pogo wasn't like this last year, I think they have too many players! This sucks...

Diana Collins · 1 January 2013 - 16:48

got the same thing last night too... I'm with you Kathy Powell, we should be reembursed our inconvienence. They wouldnt think twice of shutting us down if payment was a day late...

Kathy Powell · 1 January 2013 - 16:44

Pogo going down way to much, and we pay for this. we should get some kind of reemburstment for this.

Zoe Pointer · 1 January 2013 - 07:33

Logged in fine but trying to get into a game is taking really really really long time!

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