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The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline.

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We have tried pinging Medicare website using our server and the website returned the above results. If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress...

Can't Access Medicare - Troubleshooting Instructions

If the site is UP but you cant access the page, try one of the below solutions:

Browser Related Problems

Force a full refresh for the site. This can be achieved by pressing CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.)

Try alternative urls such as

Clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser to make sure that you have the most recent version of the web page. For instructions choose your browser :

Fix DNS Problems

A Domain Name System (DNS) allows a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words (*.com) in order to be remembered more easily, like a phonebook for websites. This service is usually provided by your ISP.

Clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has. For Windows - (Start > Command Prompt > type "ipconfig /flushdns" and hit enter). For details choose your operating system :

If you can access a website at office or from a 3G network yet it's not working on your computer, it is a good idea to use an alternative DNS service other than your ISPs. OpenDNS or Google Public DNS are both excellent and free public DNS services.

Check our help page for step-by-step instructions on how to change your DNS.

Having Problems with Accessing
Pamela Norris · 28 July 2016 - 14:25
· · Firefox 47.0 on Windows

I cannot log in to My Medicare to check claims. I've been trying for a week. That's our Government!

Donald Barrett · 1 July 2016 - 03:34
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

cant log into

Curt Lewin · 11 June 2016 - 19:27
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

Downloaded eMSN's will not open in Adobe Reader. Unable to print paper MSN's. Message says system in unavailable at this time.

Grover C Price · 20 May 2016 - 02:06
· · Safari 9.1.1 on Mac

cannot log into mymedicare

Clarence Williamson · 1 March 2016 - 08:41
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Why does the site not allow my to connect? I've been trying for several days.

Darryl D. Robinson · 10 January 2016 - 11:20
· · Chrome 47.0 on Android

The Plan Finder buttons do no work on my new Toshiba Windows 10 Firefox laptop. Used my older Dell Windows Vista Firefox laptop and they work. So many posts here on the Plan Finder buttons not working. Please address this incompatibility issue and let is know the fix!

Janet Kaye · 28 November 2015 - 21:24
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

It was a browser/computer problem. Was able to access on another computer (with same browser) and on same computer with IE instead of Chrome.

Janet Kaye · 28 November 2015 - 19:22
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

Site is still not responding to "Find Plans" submission.

Max Malone · 23 November 2015 - 21:13
· · Firefox 42.0 on Windows

When try to enter zipcode and my medicare information on "Planfinder" page, nothing happens when I click "Find plans"

Maureen Dynan Seppa · 21 November 2015 - 13:29
· · Firefox 42.0 on Windows

We have a deadline of Dec. 7th...but we cannot access the information we need. The site simply DOES NOT WORK.The personalized option...doesn't work..."cannot find records" The general search...doesn't work. Choose 2 pharmacies...nothing. Choose drugs...nothing. Absolutely aggravating. So what do we do? December 7th is coming...HELP!

Judi Markwell · 18 November 2015 - 21:21
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

Total annual cost displayed on "Your Plan Results" page is incorrect. Correct total annual cost is shown when you do a "Plan Comparison" printout. Why

Carol Pulliam Krajnik · 17 November 2015 - 19:27
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

I am a former SHIP volunteer and have much experience with the Medicare Part D searches. I cannot get access to any site that will let me enter my prescriptions so that I can do a comparison. This is extremely frustrating and a real hindrance. I will be contacting my congressional representative to complain.

Marc Hillmer · 17 November 2015 - 16:59
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

Cannot get costs of drugs or yearly costs ? Would not work yesterday either. What should I be doing.

Marcella N Dale Yasharian · 12 November 2015 - 13:11
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

The government has been made aware of problems with this site many times over the past year and they alone were not addressed, let alone the current problem. THIS IS TOTALLY UINACCEPTABLE. The whole system is unacceptable for our very elderly, who shouldn't have to go through this every year. I am now finding when I can utilize the site that prices of meds might chnae on the same plan. I am beginning not to trust the system or the site.

Sheldon Spector · 1 November 2015 - 15:26
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

can't access records

Ed Dobrowolski · 27 October 2015 - 21:13
· · Chrome 46.0 on Windows

Unable to log in to Medicare site 5:13 pm ET
Secure Sign In
Error: The system you are accessing is currently unavailable and we cannot process your request at this time. Please come back and try again later.

Alan Frisch · 18 October 2015 - 04:03
· · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Tried 3 different web browsers and none of the buttons you click on work.

Carolyn Dunn Wefsenmoe · 17 October 2015 - 15:46
· · Firefox 41.0 on Windows

Find a Drug Plan doesn't work past entering zip code and/or personal information for the past two days. Come on government, don't you know it is enrollment time. Oh that's right your slow and inept

Patti Emery · 7 October 2015 - 18:15
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows is not working accurately. Unable to assist my clients finding a prescription drug plan. It lets me enter their prescriptions but will not show the details in specific plans. States I did not enter the prescriptions.

Carol Scott · 2 October 2015 - 20:49
· · Chrome 45.0 on Android Find a Drug Plan link keeps looping between Enter Zip Code, FInd a Plan, and back to Enter Zip.

Scott Broome · 24 September 2015 - 05:10
· · Firefox 40.0 on Windows

There is no excuse for the site not to be up and running correctly as it states online. I've been trying to enter personal information for my husband's Medicare account. I've talked to the nicest tech support and unfortunately he couldn't help me and said there must be a problem with the website and he would report it. I have spent two entire days trying to update/add health information that is very vital to my husband's healthcare. This Agency is run by our government and it provides for millions of people every single day. Your website says "It is runnning!" IT IS NOT!! I say to the employees, I am NOT complaining about you and your work. You are employed by the government and therefore may not be given the time (over time pay) nor have the experience to keep this site available most every day of the year while the administration has no interest in making sure that every effort has been made to do so. Please get out of your comfortable chair, walk down to the technical support department and see what YOU can do to help. This is pure negligence. Also, I'm writing from my husband's Facebook page, so he is not the person complaining. My name is Kathy Broome and I am working on his behalf trying to use a website that would be easily accessible for me to print information that I can take to doctors' visits, hospitals, etc. Thank you!

George Tackett · 14 September 2015 - 18:53
· · Chrome 45.0 on Windows

Have tried for past three days to access and each timne it responed site unavailable. I have tried using Chrome and Windows Exployer but results the same; what is going on?

Paul Claremont · 4 July 2014 - 23:45
Saudi Arabia · SaudiNet · Internet Explorer 8.0 on Windows

Unable to connect to using IE 11, IE 8, Firefox, or Chrome. Tried all the fixes listed in Google searches. Has anyone realy cracked this problem?

Tito Martinez · 25 June 2014 - 16:35
Puerto Rico · Puerto Rico Telephone Company · Firefox 30.0 on Windows

for a month I have no access to mymedicare, I have communicated with medicare and they claim everything is fine

Lucy Dewitt · 2 June 2014 - 11:04
United States · AT&T Wireless · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Been trying all day today June 2 2014 and can not get on.

Bud Cochran · 15 May 2014 - 08:13
United States · AT&T Wireless · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

I have not able to log on the any Medicare page for the last few days. I have tried it through IE, Chrome and Firefox. Is Medicare up and running or is not able to take the traffic. Bud

James T. Norwood · 14 May 2014 - 08:01
United States · AT&T Wireless · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows

Tried all afternoon yesterday and again this morning to get to Keep getting 'this page cannot be displayed' after loooooong wait to connect. Tried going through Google - same response. Tried inputting name of the PDF document I'm trying to download from; exact form I'm looking for came up in PDF format via Google, but still get 'this page cannot be displayed' when trying to access via that route.

Stephen Ridlon · 7 April 2014 - 14:15
United States · Comcast Cable

their tech support says for Internet Explorer 11 go into tools, internet options, advanced, then scroll to the bottom under security and make sure only SSL3.0 and TLS 1.0 are checked . It is a problem with compatibility between IE 11 and their sites security service (i.e. encryption) It works OK with Windows XP and IE8.0

Walter Freudenberger · 7 April 2014 - 05:44
United States · Viasat Communications

its still not working

Cheryl Willard · 7 April 2014 - 05:44
United States · Verizon FiOS

I have been trying to log on on all weekend and from three different PCS in different ares and the logon page goe to page not available.

Pat Richardson · 5 April 2014 - 14:11
United States · Charter Communications

I had problems getting on to site yesterday also. Today same thing.. Says something about ssl certificate. Using Firefox and on IE it says page can not be displayed.

Sam Siegel · 5 April 2014 - 13:06
United States · AT&T U-verse

sam here on google will not go through ssl error or certificate error according to google. Can get on using sarfi

Dottie Wicker · 5 April 2014 - 11:48
United States · Cox Communications

I was using Chrome, but now can't access. I can only access with IE9

Vicki Vasquez · 4 April 2014 - 16:21
United States · Cox Communications

I can't get into my account, it says this page can not be displayed. Do you know when it will be ready to use ?

Stephen Ridlon · 4 April 2014 - 11:54
United States · Comcast Cable

April 4th 2014 11:53am PDST; cannot login to site but can access
Using IE; tried Chrome and it says site certificate is bad???

Carolyn Reed Kahoe · 22 March 2014 - 10:02
United States · Cox Communications

my medicare log is not working

Brenda Lipe Morse · 16 December 2013 - 09:50
United States · Hughes Network Systems

If you're using internet explorer, you'll never get on. No links. Use Google chrome and it will work fine. Had the same problem. Called and was given this information.

Ron Hubbard · 9 December 2013 - 12:03
United States · Hughes Network Systems

I have been trying to get on all day (12/9) and get the error message saying the server is not reachable. Why would this be just for me?

Randolph Macias · 2 December 2013 - 20:28
United States · Time Warner Cable

medicare login page is unreachable (maybe for me) anyone else?

Taz Man · 29 November 2013 - 04:05
United States · Verizon FiOS

I tried to log in to Medicare on 11/28/13 and 11/29/13 and get a message saying the this page cannot be displayed and attempting a refresh produces the same results. ???

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